Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Kennedy!!!

Happy Birthday Miss Kennedy Ellen! I cannot believe you are already a year old! So far we've had a less eventful day than last year (since Daddy had to deliver you unexpectedly) but you're just as sweet and we love you even more every day (if that's possible)! You are such a snuggly but busy honey bear! :)
We went to Tennessee this weekend to get family pictures taken (our first since Kennedy was born) and visit Grammy and Pop-A-Lops. We also started some birthday festivities! Grammy got a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake to help Kennedy celebrate her first birthday. It sure was yummy!!! :)
Kennedy was very excited about her candle and did her best to get to it. She actually did manage to grab it and we were afraid she even slightly burned herself. Poor baby! It appears she made a full recover and was able to enjoy her birthday cake thoroughly!
Let me at it!!!
Blowing out the candle with lots of help
Reagan showing Kennedy proper 1st birthday cake eating technique
Grammy helping Kennedy eat some icing
It's okay Grammy, I've got this cake eating thing under control
Digging in
Being such a little lady with her fork

Hands are faster though!
Reagan enjoyed Kennedy's cake, as well as the little glasses Grammy let her use, immensly too! :)
Done eating and time for playing! Who knew birthday cake was so much fun?

Oops, turned this one sideways...
Grammy of course had some presents (for both Kennedy and Reagan) too. Some how I didn't get any pictures of the girls playing with their new toys, which they do love, but we did get several fun and funny box pictures. lol :)

Reagan had a bit tighter squeeze. We tried to convince her to use the larger box and let Kennedy play with her smaller one but she was insistent that she wanted to get in her Kai-lan box!
Both girls in their boxes at the same time
There's more than one way to play with a box. You can sit in it or Pop-A-Lops can put it on top of you!
Thank you for all the presents, cake and fun Grammy and Pop-A-Lops! We're looking forward to seeing you later this week for Thanksgiving and more birthday celebrations! :)

I can do it myself! :)

Kennedy continues to be one busy little girl! :) Dan and Dorothy let us borrow their walker a while back because they thought Kennedy would enjoy it. While Kennedy loved the mobility being the climber she is we haven't used it for a bit because Kennedy was getting so close to being able to climb out of it. Well, last week Kennedy figured out she could climb into it by herself too! What a little busy body!!! lol :)
Hello, Mom! Don't mind me. I'm good. :)
Getting back out all on her own

Getting back in but this time the legs didn't quite work out...

Heidi and Holden

One of the perks of living in Lexington is definitely being close to family! Both our girls love their cousins Heidi and Holden!!! Here are a couple of pictures from the last couple of weeks.
Aunt Debbie gave Reagan the Mayflower and Thanksgiving accessories a couple of years ago to play with. It is always a big hit when it comes out in November and this year is no exception! All three girls have been enjoying this cool toy!

Kennedy has remained more interested in Holden than Reagan. Here she is checking him out in his carseat. :)
What are you doing in there Holden?
I'm so happy you're here! :)
Heidi is always such a sweet big sister and cousin! She came over to see what Kennedy was doing with Holden and then lovingly stroked both their heads repeatedly saying "Hi, babies" in the sweetest little mothering voice.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2009 Halloween Activities

Happy Halloween everyone! This is a bit late but I was hoping to collect a couple pictures from other people. I've decided to just go ahead and post what I've got and if I need to I'll do another Halloween post later. In anycase, we hope you all had a fun filled Halloween!
Our first Halloween activity took place on our Disney cruise where we were Peter Pan's posse. Pop-A-Lops was the Crocodile that ate Captain Hook's hand, Grammy was Peter Pan, Reagan was Tinker Bell, I was Wendy, Kennedy was Rosetta (one of Tinker Bell's best fairy friends), and Tim was Captain Hook. Even though we ended up being together again for Halloween we just let the little girls dress up for Trick-or-Treating so here's a repeat picture from the cruise. :)
We ended up being in Michigan for Halloween because that was the day of Grandma's funeral. The upside to that was getting to spend the holiday with lots of other cousins and seeing everyone's cute costumes.
Here's our little Nature Fairy, Rosetta
Rosetta's Beautiful Wings
A "flying" fairy - luckily as much as Reagan enjoyed flying she hasn't taken this up as a new game and has only requested it when wearing her Tinker Bell costume :)
Tinker Bell's Beautiful Wings (which also flashed green lights)
Tinker Bell having fun on Aunt Jolene's roller coaster
Best friends, Tinker Bell and Cinderella, dancing :)

Since it was a bit chilly, and the girls are young enough not to care, we just took them trick-or-treating to our Cousin Mary and Ben's home and enjoyed their party. Here are Daddy and Pop-A-Lops walking the girls to the door. Reagan of course refused to say "Trick-or-Treat" but lucky for her Mary didn't care and she and Jennifer gave Reagan lots of candy. :)
A Very Happy Little Cinderella
Did someone say cheese??? lol :) Here's the trio of 2 year old LaBar great-grandchildren; Brendan the Pirate, Reagan as Tinker Bell and Heidi as Cinderella
The Tough Pirate - Argh!!!
The precious leopard baby, Claire. Can you believe Ashley has a bow for this costume? Here's someone who is going to give me a run for my money with the cutest bows for girls! ;)
Kennedy and Alaina (only a week a part in age) playing together
Cousin Jennifer showing Tinker Bell how their Husky likes to be pet
Kennedy discovered Reagan's pumpkin with candy and not surprisingly Reagan did NOT want to share!
Luckily Daddy was there to intervene and Kennedy was able to enjoy a piece or two afterall :)
True girls; Tinkerbell and Cinderella decided they wanted to trade shoes
Here are a couple other pictures from our weekend in Michigan. Since I didn't have very many I decided to include them with the Halloween pics.
Reagan and Heidi doing their best to ride the little car at the same time - it was a tight squeeze!
Daryl, Ashley and Claire
Cousin Pauline coloring with Reagan and Heidi
The George LaBar family that was there; Pauline, Aunt Joan, Uncle George and George 2
Because we missed Halloween in Lexington we decided to give it one more run the following weekend so we could see Holden's costume and so we could trick-or-treat at the Hamlin's house. Here are the 4 cousins all together. Reagan wasn't happy about Holden being on the couch with them but I love how Kennedy is craning her neck to see Holden. :)
The Very Happy Princess and the Pea
Cinderella and Tinkerbell back together!
Cinderella and Rosetta having a serious chat
I was doing my best to get a picture of Kennedy standing on her own but she kept trying to walk/lunge toward me everytime I let go of her hands. Silly baby!
Can you tell these cousins have a great time together?
What a sweet pea!!! (no pun intended)
After visiting Uncle Dan and Aunt Dorothy's house we made our way to the Hamlin's. Here Reagan is enjoying some cheese (literally and figuratively) with Katie. lol :) Kennedy and Lauren enjoyed some good snacks too! :)