Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We spent a wonderful first Christmas in our new home in Kentucky with Grammy and Pop-A-Lops this year! We hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a Happy New Year! :)
Reagan with a new princess
Kennedy enjoyed Reagan's new Princess Jasmine and Raja (splg?) too
On to her own gifts...
Reagan enjoying some new princess toys
Both girls taking a break from opening presents to read their new books. I love it!!! :)
Kennedy playing with her new Little Einsteins
The proud new owner of "Prince Charming!!!!"
Regan's primary present this year, Prince Naveen and Princess Tiana in their wedding outfits

Kennedy helping Daddy opening his gift (Mommy goofed though and didn't get the right book...)
Kennedy getting ready to open her main present
Silly Pop-A-Lops putting the Pelican's head on Kennedy's head
Figuring out which shapes go where
So much fun!!! :)
Family fun
The girls playing nicely togther with one of their new toys
Kennedy hugging her stocking. What a precious baby girl!
Grammy and Pop-A-Lops opening their stocking gifts
Reagan and Kennedy "sharing" one of their punch balloons

Kennedy checking out our Christmas kitty cat (Menedelsson) under the tree
Kennedy throughly enjoying her Christmas day with Grammy!
One of our family gifts was a doctor set. Reagan enjoyed checking up on everyone throughout the day and after dinner she thought it was time to see how Grammy was doing.
Kennedy checking her own temp
Reagan receiving a shot from Grammy
Kennedy and Pop-A-Lops being artistic
Reagan and Grammy enjoying a good tickle
"Sharing" Kennedy's new pelican toy
Enjoying Grammy's delicious Banana Creme pie for dessert (I think that as well as the home made spaghetti sauce Christmas Eve may have to become a new family tradition!)

The best picture we could get with two not so cooperative little girls...
My favorite Christmas picture this year!
Merry Christmas Everyone!!! :)

Reindeer Food

I believe the Baranowski's were with the first family to introduce me to the idea of leaving food for Santa's reindeer as well as Santa on Christmas Eve. This is the first year we made and left food for his reindeer but it's definitely a tradition we plan to keep! lol :)
Reagan mixing the oats and "pixie dust"

Showing off the completed product
If this can't make reindeer fly, then what can?!?!?!?
After church and supper Reagan headed outside in her snowman PJs from Grammy to spread her reindeer food around the yard
Very carefully spreading the reindeer food
After a bit of convincing Reagan decided it was okay to have a bit more fun and toss the reindeer food everywhere

Mendelossohn was very interested in the reindeer food too. Goofy cat! lol :)
Reagan taking her reindeer feeding task very seriously :)
Somehow we got so busy with feeding the reindeer we forgot to leave Santa his cookies and milk! Sorry Santa! We'll try and do better next year! lol :)

Christmas in Tennessee

Last weekend (December 17-20) we went to Tennessee to celebrate Christmas with the LaBars. The original plan had been for Grammy, Pop-A-Lops, Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jen to visit us in Kentucky while Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jen were home from California. Unfortunately Pop-A-Lops realized he had commencement which he couldn't miss last Saturday so we decided to go to Tennessee so we could spend as much time together as a family as possible. We had an awesome time and were so excited to see Uncle Andrew, Aunt Jen and Boss whom we hadn't seen since last May at Lance's graduation in Wisconsin. Grammy of course made sure we had lots of fun presents and wonderful food. Thanks to everyone for all the fun!
The Arthur and Sherry LaBar Family
Reagan loves Uncle Andrew and loved flying on his feet

Uncle Andrew is laughing here because Reagan would run over and grab his leg and put it on her belly to fly again.
Uncle Andrew and Boss went outside to get some exercise. Even though it was cold and rainy Reagan wanted to go outside too and sweet Aunt Jen offerred to take her. Then Reagan decided it would be okay to just go out on Grammy and Pop-A-Lops screened porch and swing with Aunt Jen. Kennedy thought this was a great idea too so here are the girls having a great time. I think this picture is so sweet of Aunt Jen and her girls! :)
I love this picture too of them checking out what this blanket Uncle Andrew and I had when we were little says.
Reagan and Kennedy admiring Aunt Jen's necklace made by cousins George and Leslie in Alaska
Reagan loves Boss Dog! :)

Kennedy liked Boss too but was a little more timid. She was actually pretty funny since she would walk up to him barely touch him and then pull her hand away like she had just touched a hot coal. I'm not sure how excited Boss was about the girls but he is a great sport and a super sweet dog! :)
Reagan had a great time making Grammy's Nutcracker talk
Reagan and Kennedy's big present from Grammy and Pop-A-Lops this year was a Monster Truck. Uncle Andrew was super nice and spent a couple of hours assembling it for them before we arrived in Tennessee. Unfortunately when Aunt Jen rode it out to surprise the girls I think she scared Reagan. Reagan kept trying to get in the house saying "I don't like my truck!" lol :) Since Reagan wouldn't ride it Kennedy decided she'd check it out!
Once Reagan saw Kennedy trying it out she decided to have a go. Unfortunately Kennedy didn't like that we had buckled her seat belt and so she wanted to get out...
Kennedy decided she'd give it another try and here is everyone trying to help direct Reagan from running into the trees
Reagan and Kennedy having fun in their new Monster Truck
Reagan decided Grammy needed to give her a ride. Since we hadn't figured out there was a higher gear we could use Uncle Andrew was super nice and helped them up the hills.
After the truck excitment we came inside to open the rest of our presents. Here Kennedy is clapping for her princess lego blocks from Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jen. So cute and so funny! lol :)
Reagan was very excited to receive a Baby Ariel from Grammy and Pop-A-Lops!

Kennedy loved her Baby Belle too! :)

What a good little Mommy!
Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jen opening a gift from Grammy and Pop-A-Lops
Pop-A-Lops hard at work carving the turkey
Yes, Virginia there is intelligent life on the planet and maybe somewhere in our family...
and aren't you glad to see that intelligence
has been passed down through at least 3 generations???
Kennedy slept through our meal but woke up just as we were finishing. As you can tell by the smile on her face she thought it was a very yummy Christmas feast!
Reagan having lots of fun with Uncle Andrew and Boss
Pop-A-Lops and Kennedy reading togetherReagan saving Aunt Jen from Uncle Andrew
Reagan and Aunt Jen reading together
Aunt Jen had the great idea of having Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast Sunday morning
Grammy made some fudge on Sunday morning and let Pop-A-Lops and Reagan lick the bowl clean.

Kennedy getting in on the super yummy action too!
What a nice big sister helping Kennedy eat some fudge!
Grammy made a second batch of peanut butter fudge which the girls loved too!
A final picture with Aunt Jen before it was time for everyone to head out
Even though Reagan didn't want to cooperate (surprise, surprise, surprise) we managed to get a couple of super cute pictures with Aunt Jen
Giving kisses
Uncle Andrew getting "one last big hug"
We had an awesome time with everyone and appreciated all the amazing and thoughtful gifts! Thank you to Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jen for making the effort to get back East to see us and thank you to Grammy and Pop-A-Lops for hosting us all! We're looking forward to our next family gathering - where ever and when ever that may be! :)