Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shopping for Flower Girl Dresses

While Uncle Chuck and Aunt Julie were visting over Martin Luther King weekend Aunt Julie, Reagan and I went to look for flower girl dresses. We went to a couple of places and tried on a number of dresses but there was no doubt which dress was the dress as soon as we put it on. :)
Aunt Julie and Reagan ready to begin their search!
Reagan and Aunt Julie looking for the perfect dress
You can see Aunt Julie laughing because as soon as we started putting this dress on Reagan started exclaiming "It's official! It's official!" lol :) We weren't exactly sure what was official but she (and we) obviously loved the dress! :)
Reagan couldn't wait to get out of the dressing room and look at herself and the dress in the big mirrors. :)
So excited!!!
Reagan was so exhuberant and cute that other people were asking to take pictures of her! Here's Reagan posing for the cameras. :)
Spinning with Aunt Julie
Admiring herself in the mirror
Our little princess! :)

NOT wanting to take off her dress...
She agreed to take off the dress in order to try on a different size and go look at herself on the bridal pedestal/mirrors.
Yep, it's the one!!! :)

Reagan came home and told Tim we had found her wedding dress. She has continued to call it her wedding dress and absolutely loves it! I know she would wear it all of the time if we would let her. I can't imagine how beautiful Aunt Julie is going to look next February and how sweet her three little flower girls will be in this dress! Little girls are soooo much fun! :) Thank you for including us in all the fun Aunt Julie!!! :)

Uncle Chuck and Aunt Julie's Visit

Uncle Chuck and Aunt Julie came to visit us for Martin Luther King weekend in mid January. We had an awesome time with them and appreciated them making the effort to come see us and the girls so much!
Kennedy and Aunt Julie having a tickle session :)

Look at that tongue - Kennedy could not contain herself or those giggles!
Kennedy and Aunt Julie singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider together
Kennedy loves to feed people and this particular morning she thought Uncle Chuck needed to eat quite a few chips from the night before. lol :)

Uncle Dan, Aunt Dorothy, Heidi and Holden came to join us for pizza from Old Chicago Saturday night. I had thought we would eat in the dining room but since there were playoff games that weekend everyone scrunched around the kitchen table. I thought we looked a bit ridiculous all sitting together around that table so I had to take a picture of our crew. lol :)
A wild and crazy Missy K after dinner
Uncle Chuck tried to teach the girls how to do a push up. When they weren't having a tremendous amount of success he got down on the floor to demonstrate. At that point Reagan and Heidi decided it would be alot more fun to help Uncle Chuck with his push ups rather than do anymore of their own. Go Uncle Chuck!!!
After dinner and exercise Reagan and Heidi decided it was time to transform into some Disney princesses. :)
Best friends, Snow White and Cinderella, dancing together
We can't forget the hugs!!!
This was the first time since Christmas Heidi had had a chance to check out Reagan and Kennedy's new dollhouse from Grandma and Grandpa. As you can see all three girls had a great time playing with it together.
On Monday, Martin Luther King Day, Heidi came and spent the morning playing with us. Reagan wanted Aunt Julie to help her get ready and so being the sweetie that she is Aunt Julie helped both girls apply their make up for the day. :)

As I've mentioned before Kennedy loves to help with laundry! Here she is helping Aunt Julie finish up folding her clothes for the trip back home.
Thank you so much for coming to visit us Uncle Chuck and Aunt Julie!!! We hope you make it a tradition to come and visit us every Martin Luther King weekend in the future! :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blue Toast

After Aunt Jen's suggestion of Green Eggs and Ham while we were celebrating Christmas in Tennessee Reagan began requesting colors of eggs (our favorite breakfast is scrambled eggs and toast). Reagan didn't understand, however, why she could request and receive blue eggs but not blue toast. So I promised her we would make some blue toast. It took me a couple of weeks but we made it while Aunt Julie and Uncle Chuck visited us over Martin Luther King weekend since I needed to make dough for Long John's for Aunt Julie. Because of the blue color, the crust looked burned right away (which made it difficult to tell when it was finished baking) but the bread itself turned out very well and made great blue toast for Missy Reagan!
Reagan was an excellent helper adding flour, food coloring, and of course mixing the dough for our bread
Sweet girls working together

Reagan finally getting to enjoy her blue bread!!!

Kennedy enjoying her blue bread too
Kennedy loves to share her food and didn't want to leave Daddy out of the enjoyment of our new creation :)
We did actually use the blue bread for toast but for some reason I didn't take a picture of that. Oh well, I'm sure you can imagine it. :)