Thursday, March 25, 2010

Valentine's Fun

Aunt Jennifer sent Reagan and Kennedy a Valentine's Day package with pink pancake mix. It turned out to be pretty yummy especially with some pink eggs to go with them! :) The funniest part was when we received the package, however. As Reagan was carrying her package in the house she told me "Dearest Aunt Jennifer is so nice to send us a package."

Everyone enjoying their special pink Valentine breakfast! :)
We gave the girls a couple of "I Love You" gifts to open Valentine's Day morning too :)
Reagan is counting her books from us while enjoying the roses and bear Uncle Scott sent her. When she received the flowers she was so excited and said she could use them for her wedding! lol :)
This isn't chronologically correct but seemed appropriate to include under a Valentine's Day fun heading. Grammy makes incredible sugar cookies that everyone loves. She was getting ready to send a Valentine's Day package to Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jen while she was visiting us at the beginning of February and thought it would be fun if the girls would help decorate them. Reagan was somewhat interested but Kennedy really got in to it. She is such a little nut! :)
Grammy helping Kennedy frost a sugar cookie
helping decorate the sugar cookie
I can do it all by myself! :)

Reagan decorated a few sugar cookies for Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jennifer as well
Reagan, however, was a little more into eating than decorating the cookies. lol :)
Having said that, you can tell from the amount of sugar on Kennedy's face in these next couple of pictures Kennedy wasn't opposed to eating a cookie or two herself. :)

Working together on decorating special sugar cookies for a Valentine's package for Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jennifer
I don't have pictures of them but we also received Valentine's packages from Grandma Karen, Nonna and Aunt Arla and Grammy of course brought Valentine's surprises when she visited us in February. Thank you to everyone for all the special things you do for the girls, they love them and appreciate them! :)

Heidi's 3rd Birthday

Aunt Dorothy planned an amazing day of activities to celebrate Heidi's 3rd birthday at the beginning of February and invited us to come along to enjoy it. We had an awesome time and were so thankful to be included in all the fun!
We started the day with storytime at Barnes and Noble. After reading a Valentine's Day book, we made Valentine's cards and enjoyed the Hershey Kisses Mr. Lowell shared with everyone. Here is a super sweet 3 year old girl showing off one of her yummy kisses! :)
Kennedy, Heidi and Reagan hard at work gluing hearts and eating chocolate :)
Reagn and Heidi both decided to make cards for their daddies. I was so proud of Reagan because she drew the letter "D" for Daddy all by herself. As soon as I commented on it, however, she told me no it was a "P" and drew a line down from it to change it accordingly. Little stinkpot! ;)
A sweet 3 year old girl reading with her Mommy :)
Reagan and Heidi reading together
Reagan giving Heidi a birthday kiss
After storytime we headed to Chuck-E-Cheese to play and meet Uncle Dan for lunch. As always the girls had a great time riding all the rides and doing everything there is to do! :)
Even though we never watch this show Barney is a favorite ride loved by all the girls every time we have gone to Chuck-E-Cheese
Our little gamblers
After lunch we headed downtown to the Children's Museum for the afternoon. We had a wonderful time exploring and discovering so many things. It was really neat and even though I took a lot of pictures there were a number of things I didn't get pictures of. Too much fun! :)
Playing in the water

There was an area on Kentucky horses and Reagan immidiately wanted to climb up and take a ride. She loves horses and I can definitely see horseback riding lessons in our future! :) As a matter of fact I mentioned horseback riding lessons to Reagan the other day and she told me she would like to do that but she would have to wait for "Aunt Dee to get home from work." Gypsy and Taboo are most definitely Reagan's favorite horses in the world. :)
Aunt Dorothy helping all the girls check out their produce
Dr. Heidi
There were a number of puzzles for us to try and figure out. This one was too funny because Uncle Dan declared he couldn't figure it out even after cheating and looking at the solution. lol :)
Uncle Dan and the girls studying how rivers work There was a big room with lots of big blocks that was super cool. Here Reagan is adding on to the house Aunt Dorothy and Heidi started.
We probably spent the largest amount of time in the bubble room. I didn't get a picture of all the ways you could make bubbles but you can see we all had an awesome time playing with the bubbles! :)
Aunt Dorothy helping the girls stand inside a big bubble

The girls decided to try and get the bubble up around themselves on their own but they kept having problems as their little bottoms would pop the bubble as they leaned down to pull the rope up. lol :)
Uncle Dan found some super cool super huge bubble makers!
Aunt Dorothy made some pretty awesome bubbles herself!

Happy Heidi in the bubble all by herself (with some help from her daddy)
The girls all enjoyed rolling the marbles down these shoots and watching them spiral round and round the bowl
After the Children's museum we headed back to Heidi's house for some more birthday fun. Since Heidi was having a Curious George party Aunt Dorothy bought some cute monkeys for the girls to paint. It was a bit messy but they all three had a great time painting! :)

Heidi and Reagan wearing their Curious George masks
Curious Kennedy
and last but certainly not least Curious Holden who joined us for the party at home! :)
Holden is such a sweet and happy baby it takes nothing to get a precious smile out of him! :)
This was hilarious! Poor Heidi had to go to time-out for not following directions (I think it had something to do with her presents but I can't remember now). Anyhoo... Reagan followed her and Uncle Dan came to talk to her about what had happenned. The hilarious part was when he started by asking if she remembered what today was, meaning her birthday and that she was supposed to be having fun, but and she pathetically cried "It's Tuesday." She was right but it wasn't quite the reply he had expected. Too funny! lol :)
Back to the party! Happy Heidi again with her special Curious George birthday balloon
After a delicious supper Aunt Dorothy brought out the most amazing and icing covered cupcakes ever! They seriously had 2-3 inches of icing on them and boy were they yummy!
Heidi cracked us up by selecting the smallest cupcake and the only one with practically no icing. lol :)
The birthday girl and her cupcake and candles
My girls on the other hand went right for the gold! Both of them selected the super huge pink icing cupcakes. lol :)

Enjoying those extraordinary cupcakes!
We were able to get in a quick family photo opp with the amazing cupcakes too. :) I actually have a series of these that is so funny to look at because in every photo regardless of where Dorothy is holding her cupcake Holden is looking directly at it. Poor baby got left out this year but we'll make sure he's included next year! lol :)
And finally it was present time!!! :)
Thank you for including us in such a super fun day! Happy 3rd Birthday Heidi! :)