Friday, May 28, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - Chef Mickey's & Heading Home

Our plane didn't depart until mid afternoon so we had planned a relaxing morning beginning with breakfast at Chef Mickey's. Then we planned to visit the Magic Kingdom for a short while before heading back to the hotel. Unfortunately, I had lost my wallet on Sunday night at Hollywood Studios. Fortunately, we found out they had it at the Lost and Found Wednesday morning. So we spent what turned into a crazy morning trying to locate the Lost and Found and rushing back to the hotel just barely catching our bus to the airport. It ended up being quite stressful instead of relaxing but at least I got my wallet back! :)
Chef Mickey's Breakfast
Two very excited little girls to see Mickey Mouse! :)
Goofy was actually first to our table I just liked the picture of both girls with Mickey best :)
For some reason Reagan noticed Donald Duck's tail at breakfast and thought it was hilarious. I'm still not sure what about it was so funny but she still talks about what a silly/funny tail he has. lol :)
Kennedy and Donald Duck blowing kisses to each other
Kennedy actually took a picture with Minnie Mouse as well it just didn't turn out very well :( As you can see Reagan sure loves Minnie! :)
Pluto and Sweet Reagan (and Kennedy's foot I now see :)
Kennedy loved the Mickey Mouse shaped waffles
Both girls enjoying a delicious (and of course nutritious) after breakfast treat (not that it matters, but for the record these were selected with the help of Daddy)
Grammy gave each of the girls some money to purchase something special while at Disney World. Reagan chose this Baby Ariel.
Kennedy fast asleep with her Baby Mickey while we waited for the boat to take us back to the bus. She chose Baby Mickey all on her own. She would pick up a stuffed animal (mostly Mickey's but it varied) carry it around and put it down. She did this for a while and finally when she saw the Baby Mickey she put it in her stroller and started pushing it away. lol :) We took that as the sign of her final decision. :) Thank you Grammy for the fun treats! :)
Kennedy all set for her second flight with her new Baby Mickey
Excited and ready to fly home

As you can see from our pictures we did have lots of fun. Overall, however, it was a bit more stressful and frustrating (hot and long lines) for the girls than I had envisioned. Until all our kids are big enough to do all the rides I believe we'll be waiting a while to return to the Disney Parks. In the meantime, we'll be happy to stick with our Disney cruises! We can't wait for our next one in the Fall of 2012 to the Mexican Riveria!!! :) We know Grammy and Pop-A-Lops will be joining us and we're hoping Uncle Andrew, Aunt Jen, and cousins Rich, Stacy, Rory and Riley will be coming too. If anyone else wants to come and experience some Disney "Wonder" with us, just let us know! :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 - Magic Kingdom and Pool

We spent our last full day at Disney World at the Magic Kingdom. It was a beautiful and hot day. We were able to see everything we really wanted to see and had relatively few tantrums... ;) Here we are in front of Cinderella's Castle as we entered the park in the morning.

Our originial plan had been to head straight to Toontown Tuesday morning to catch Mickey Mouse before the lines got too long (in case you haven't noticed visiting the characters is a pretty high priority on our girl's lists :). It turned out that Toontown didn't open until 10:00, however, so we strolled back and took advantage of some short ride lines. I think Kennedy's favorite ride of the trip was "It's A Small World." She literally waved to all the little people the entire way through it was too funny! lol :) Reagan's favorite was probably the Haunted Mansion. She thought the hitchhiking ghosts at the end were really funny. She also really enjoyed the Peter Pan ride, The Mad Hatter's Tea Party and the Hall of Presidents (she cried when the presentation was over and wanted to watch it again - unfortuantely Kennedy had had enough).
Kennedy waving during the It's a Small World ride
After riding a couple quick rides we headed back to Toontown to catch Mickey Mouse :)
Lots of love for Mickey Mouse! :)
There are some cute videos at the bottom of this post to go along with these pictures of the girls with Mickey. I think Kennedy would have happily stayed on Mickey's lap the rest of the day if we had let her. :)
After visiting Mickey Mouse we went to see the Fairies since we hadn't seen them yet and Pixie Hollow is also in ToonTown not too far from Mickey's tent. As you can see Reagan enjoyed meeting three of them beginning with Rosetta
Reagan and Tink discussing her Tinkerbell toy (who she gave the Other Pop-A-Lops and Other Grammy credit for giving her - I don't know why, she knows we gave it to her for her birthday lol :)

Reagan and Silvermist
Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride was pretty neat and both girls could control a direction the carpet was going (one up and down and one pitching forward or back).
Reagan having a good time driving our magic carpet
It was so hot every day while we were there. The first night at the Magic Kingdom we had told Reagan she could have a popsicle but then we couldn't find one. We found one for the girls on Tuesday and it was called an "Itzakadoozie" or something crazy like that. They were huge and messy and super yummy! :) Perfert for a hot hot day! :)
The girls both loved the carousel. It was one of the few rides with basically no line and they kept wanting to hop right back on everytime it ended so we rode it quite a few times.
Daddy and Reagan are just pretending to be grumpy here (because I'm taking pictures) but we actually should have taken many more grumpy pictures if we wanted an accurate dipiction of our trip...
I'm not sure what made them start hugging and loving on each other in the line for Mickey's Philharmagic but it was absolutely precious! :)

When we got inside the theatre Kennedy wanted to sit in Reagan's chair too - so sweet! :) This was the first time Reagan really understood and enjoyed a 3-D show she kept reaching out and trying to grap items that were coming towards us. :)
Kennedy kept insisting on pushing either her empty stroller or Reagan's stroller around. She was highly offennded anytime we even suggested helping her out t
Piano Pool
After a long day at the park we enjoyed a relaxing evening at the pool. Sort of... if you can call swimming with Kennedy relaxing... She is a wild woman! The piano pool had long steps along one end that she loved to jump from. Missy K has absolutely no fear and doesn't mind a bit to completely dunk herself. As a matter of fact, she thought it was hilarious! She was making us, and especially Daddy, a nervous wreck!

Reagan took great joy in swimming without our assistance across the pool with her life jacket. She was pretty proud of herself! :)
Kennedy excited about seeing "Mickey Mouse!"

Hugging and Sitting with Mickey Mouse

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010 - Epcot, Princess Storybook Lunch and Hotel/Pool

Because we had a princess lunch to attend we switched things up a bit on Monday and headed to Epcot in the morning. After doing everything we wanted to at Epcot we headed back to the hotel and swimming in the afternoon/evening.
My best attempt at a nice picture as we entered Epcot...
Stich was right in front with absolutely no line so Reagan ran right up to get a big hug and remind him of the shoes he stole from her and Grammy on the cruise.
After seeing Stich our first big stop of the day was Nemo's Aquarium. It was pretty cool. I think Kennedy is already more interested in aquatic life than Reagan.
The girls both enjoyed the manatees the best. They were very active while we were there and so they were pretty interesting.
It's always difficult to get aquarium pictures but below is the best shot I got of the manatee. You can see his nose poking up out of the water just a bit.
Tim and Reagan were watching the Dolphin tank here. For some reason the girls weren't nearly as interested in the dolphins as the manatees so we didn't stick around very long even though there was a demonstration going on.
Bruce (the Great White Shark from the movie "Finding Nemo") had a snack of Daddy and Kennedy for lunch!
Epcot has a great "Character Spot" where you can stand in one line to meet five characters. It's shorter than the line at the Magic Kingdom just to meet Mickey Mouse and it's great since you get to see Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and Goofy.
By Monday, Kennedy had decided she wanted to see Mickey Mouse too! :)
A very excited Reagan with Pluto!!!
While Kennedy almost went up to see the other characters the only one (other than Mickey Mouse) she actually made it up to was Minnie Mouse. She loves those mice! :)
Kennedy blowing good-bye kisses to Minnie Mouse
Reagan was very happy to see Donald Duck too! :)
And of course Goofy!!! :) I'm not exactly sure what was up with all the poses. lol :)
Storybook Princess Lunch
Reagan had a wonderful time with five princesses during our princess lunch in Epcot. The first princess to come to our table was Sleeping Beauty.
The next was Cinderella

Reagan and Ariel are having a discussion about Reagan's "dinglehopper" and how she can use it in her hair. Daddy told Reagan to ask Ariel about it before she came to our table and they both thought it was pretty funny. lol :)

Reagan actually met Belle in the entrance but we got this picture a bit out of order
Snow White was very sweet and thought Reagan was super funny, especially the way she was smiling so big. They just laughed and laughed at each other and had the best time. lol :)
After we met all the princesses they brought out our dessert and it was delicious!
Kennedy was so excited about the dessert I couldn't help but take a picture! lol :)
We all enjoyed that yummy dessert!!! :)
After lunch we had a special meet and greet we could attend because we're Disney card holders. It was great because there was virtually no line. We didn't know who would be there but it turned out to be Pluto and Mickey Mouse which was just fine with the girls. :)
I don't know what Kennedy was doing. You can tell Mickey and Pluto are a little confused too. She wasn't mad she was just lying there facedown on the floor laughing.
Then I guess she decided to act like a dog so Pluto played along lol :)
The meet and greet was in the Innoventions building which was really neat. My pictures didn't turn out very well in there and I wish we'd had a lot more time to explore!
When we got back to the hotel, the girls snuggled up so sweetly together to take a nap I couldn't resist taking a picture. I left to run to Downtown Disney for a few quick souveniers while Tim stayed with them. Tim said he caught a glimpse of what their sharing a bedroom is going to be like when we move them in together later this summer. He said Kennedy kept rolling all over the bed meowing like a cat and Reagan would say "I don't want to play your kitty game!" I think he finally had to seperate them but they sure did start out sweet! :)
Tim noticed an additional pool so we decided to check it out Monday afternoon. Reagan absolutely loved the Little Mermaid characters that decorated one side. I think she would have been content to sit and talk to them the entire time and never would have entered the pool if I hadn't convinced her to come swimming with us. What a little nut! :)

We had considered going to the Illuminations show at Epcot Monday night but decided to have a relaxing evening and early bedtimes since we knew Tuesday would be a big day at the Magic Kingdom. Down time is always good on vacation anyway! :)