Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spaghetti Mess

Kennedy loves spaghetti and pasta in general. I usually purchase penne, ziti, rotini type noodles vs spaghetti noodles, however, since they're so much easier for the girls to manage. I'll blame my prego brain for picking up regular spaghetti noodles during an early July grocery shopping trip... Anyhoo... I knew we'd have a mess (which is why we removed clothes to begin with) but I had no idea how BIG a mess Kennedy was capable of making!!!
Throughly enjoying every bite of her dinner! :)

What a hand!
We decided Kennedy was such a mess we didn't want to try and get her upstairs to the bathtub. We opted for the kitchen sink instead and Kennedy was not at all sure she approved of what we were doing.

Once in the sink, however, she decided it was pretty interesting and a lot of fun :)
Reagan thought it was very funny that Kennedy was getting cleaned up in the sink. lol :)
After her initial dismay faded Kennedy thought it was pretty funny too! lol :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

4th of July Weekend 2010

We had a fabulous 4th of July weekend. It started out by going to an outdoor concert in downtown Lexington with Uncle Dan, Aunt Dorothy, Heidi and Holden. It was really nice and great to be enjoying the beautiful weather and music!
Kennedy and Heidi enjoying each other and their mini lawn chairs What a cutie!
Reagan and Holden enjoyed entertaining each other as well
The girls all enjoyed some bubbles (which I think either Aunt Arla or Grammy gave to us previously). They were super cute and fun!

What a sweet Daddy/daughter picture! :)
The girls have really started to enjoy playing together and being so loving towards each other. I love all these "hug" pictures I get now especially given how difficult it was to even get them in the same picture for the longest time. Such sweet precious sisters!
I love Kettlecorn and sent Tim off to find it since I could smell it. I wasn't expecting him to bring back a bag quite this size...
Everyone enjoyed Daddy's big find
Two silly 3 year olds "striking a pose" together
Saturday morning, July 3, we headed to downtown Lexington to enjoy the "Celebrate America" festival. We enjoyed eating and looking around but spent most of our time in one of the kid area where they had all sorts of blown up/bouncy things (I don't know what they are officially called). While it was a bit warm we had a fantastic time with the girls celebrating America! :)
Given her fascination with princesses it was no surprise that Reagan needed to check out the castle first.
Next she decided to check out one of the big slides

What a face!
She loved it and couldn't wait to go again (multiple times)! :)
Reagan discovered another slide that she was even more excited about! :)
No fear here!
So much fun!!! :) - we enjoyed this slide even more times that the first :)
Kennedy was a little hesitant to try the multitude of bouncy things but once she got going she had an awesome time! :)

Reagan decided to try her hand at the obstacle course
She won!
Ready and waiting together for their turn to enter the circus bouncer
While the weather had been gorgeous throughout the week it was definitely beginning to get a little warmer and more humid by Saturday. After we finished playing on all the bouncy toys and on our way out we decided we could use some snow cones. They were great at helping to cool us off a bit! :)
Saturday evening Uncle Dan and Aunt Dorothy invited us over for dinner before going to enjoy the Lexington fireworks. The food was amazing (as always) and the company was even better! :) Thanks for having us over!
Tim and Holden
After supper the girls headed out to play in the sand. Heidi obviously had a better idea of what kind of a mess they were going to make than my girls since she undressed herself before getting started...
Thye may have been a mess (note sand even in the hair) but at least they were having fun...

They were such a mess we just had them all three strip and hop in the kiddy pool to try and get cleaned off - such a mess!

Poor Kennedy's diaper was so full! lol :)
The fireworks were great and the girls loved them! On our way to see them we got a little worried because Reagan started talking about seeing the parade. We didn't know what she was talking about at first but then she mentioned Spectro Magic. That's Disney's electrical parade and they have fireworks afterwards which was what Reagan was recalling. We told her that wasn't what we were going to go see and were afraid she was going to be unhappy (especially since it was super late and therefore we were all a bit tired). Fortunately as soon as the fireworks display began Reagan excitedly announced that they were Disney fireworks!!! lol :)
Since we got into bed so late Saturday night we slept in Sunday morning, July 4th. Once we got up and going I made a festive red, white and blue breakfast complete with blueberry pancakes. :)
After naps Sunday afternoon, we headed to Jacobson Park to check out the paddle boats with the help of Daddy since we weren't able to do those when we visited on Friday.Tim was not excited or happy about this experience...
I think this picture is hilarious! lol :) Tim kept complaining that they were going to sink, that his side was filling up with water and no one had told him his shoes were going to get ruined. Poor Kennedy I wish we'd had her on our paddle boat because Reagan and I were having a great time! :)

Reagan having a fabulous ride! :)
After the paddle boats we found a picnic table in a semi-shaded spot to enjoy dinner. I had made a number of sides and we picked up a bucket of KFC on our way to the park.
We came prepared to feed the ducks on Sunday and headed right over to do so after finishing dinner. Kennedy was so cute because she sat herself right down all ready to go!
We decided it was better to feed the ducks by getting closer to the water but Tim was a nervous wreck that one of the girls, especially Kennedy, was going to fall in.
We compromised by deciding it was a better idea to sit by the water :)
Feeding the ducks together
After feeding the ducks we enjoyed playing on the amazing playground for a while. I thought this was so sweet of the girls and Daddy.
While we were waiting for it to get dark we enjoyed the semi-festive (hey it's red!) raspberry pie I made to help us celebrate the 4th of July.
While we all enjoyed the pie I think it's safe to say Kennedy was by far the most excited about this particular dessert and part of our weekend celebrations. lol :)

Because the Lexington fireworks were on July 3rd we decided we needed to get a few small ones to celebrate on the actual 4th. I love fireworks so much and it just wouldn't seem right not to have any fireworks at all on the actual day! We were afraid after the big fireworks from the night before Reagan would be dissapointed with our little display but she loved them! They were a bit noisy for Kennedy and she wasn't real excited about them, however. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. The majority of us had fun and we wished we'd gotten a couple more! :)
After watching our fountain fireworks the neighborhood kids shared some sparklers with Reagan. This was her first experience with sparklers and she thought it was a pretty cool way to end the 4th of July celebrations! :)

We had such a great 4th of July weekend. It was also nice because Tim had the 5th off and took the 6th so we had a couple of days to relax and recover from our busy weekend. Happy (belated) 4th of July everyone! We're so thankful to live in such an amazing country!