Thursday, September 30, 2010

Watch Me Grow - Jackson - 1 Week

Just like we charted the girls growth with the big yellow duck from our friends Kim and Nathan Obert we plan to do the same for Jackson. I've included both of the girls first duck pictures for comparisons in this first post. Jackson weighed 8lbs and was 22 ins when he was born. That's only 4 ozs more than the girls weighed and he was just an inch longer but he looks so much bigger to me in these pictures than the girls did at a week! At his two week well check-up he weighed 9lb 2oz and had grown an inch. I think we're going to have a big boy! :)
Jackson - 1 Week - 17 September 2010
Kennedy - 1 Week - November 2008
Reagan - 5 Days - April 2007

Jackson Arthur - First 3 days

These aren't exactly new pictures as they were included in the slideshow but I wanted to include them in a post individually for anyone who wasn't able to view the slideshow and also so they will appear when I upload the blog into a book. I have many more favorite pictures to share I just need more time to sort through them all! :) I can't believe Jackson will be 3 weeks old tomorrow! In the meantime these were definitely some of my favorite pictures of Jackson's first 3 days. :)

Jackson is such a sweet and precious baby and we are so blessed to have him in our lives! I will do my best to get my favorite pics of him between 3 days and 3 weeks posted before we leave for Wisconsin on Saturday. Thanks to Grammy, Pop-A-Lops, Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Julie, Uncle Chuck and Uncle Jimmy for coming and visiting and helping us out so far! Thank you also to Uncle Dan and Aunt Dorothy who have brought us a couple of dinners. Finally thank you to everyone who has sent gifts, messages, cards and well wishes! We appreciate all your thoughts and prayers for our expanding family! We feel so blessed to have you all in our lives and thank God for our three beautiful and healthy children every day!!! :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Welcome Baby Jackson!

We welcomed our beautiful baby boy into the world 10 days early on Friday, September 10, at 6:56 PM. We're all doing great and loving every minute of our new and beautiful addition to our family!
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I'll be keeping this as our top post for a while so look below for new pics that I'll hopefully get posted this week as I catch up on our July, August and September pics and also new pics we get of Jackson. :)

Labor Day Weekend 2010

Grammy and Pop-A-Lops came up to spend Labor Day weekend with us. We had lots of fun with them as always and on Monday we had a mini cookout with brats and S'mores to celebrate the holiday. Yum! The girls enjoy preparing their food for a few minutes (sometimes seconds) but generally hand it over to an adult to finish up. As long as we're all having fun (and staying safe) I figure it's all good! :)
The girls had a great time having free reign of the chip bag lol :)
And then of course we got down to business with the most important food - Smores! Actually the girls tend to just chow down on the chocolate and marshmellows individually. :)
Grammy and Pop-A-Lops save their change and bring it up to put in the girls piggy banks. Labor Day weekend they brought up a new piggy bank for Jackson and the girls helped Pop-A-Lops divide the change between their three piggy banks. Thanks for the all the change!
This picture somehow got left out of the last post but I definitely wanted to include it and since it was Labor Day weekend I figured it would fit here too. :) Uncle Scott and Aunt Arla gave Reagan a big girl bike for her birthday but she could not figure it out. I don't know who decided to get it out but Grandpa was able to help Reagan figure out how to ride her bike Labor Day weekend! :) Thanks Grandpa and Go Reagan!!! :)
Thanks for coming to visit Labor Day weekend Grammy and Pop-A-Lops and for coming right back the next weekend for Jackson's birth! :)

Grandma and Grandpa Sept Visit

The beginning of September Grandma and Grandpa came to visit us for a few days. We had a wonderful time with them and can't wait for them to come again this weekend to meet baby Jackson!
We wanted to get a good picture of Grandma and Grandpa with their girls
Love this hug shot! :)
The girls were being really cooperative for a picture of just the two of them :)
Grandma and Grandpa brought quite a few treats and goodies with them when they arrived Thursday afternoon. One of the things they brought was the game Chutes and Ladders and Reagan wanted to play it right away!
While Reagan played Chutes and Ladders (and enjoyed some Skittles) Kennedy worked on the M&Ms (or as she calls them "Chocolate!") that Grandma brought for her
Grandpa being attacked by two puppy dogs
Grandpa trying to get the little puppy's tongue
Since Reagan missed Shrek the weekend before we decided it would be a fun to go and see it with Grandpa and Grandma. Grandpa and Reagan are all ready for the movie and popcorn!
All set for the movie with tons of pop and popcorn!
Grandpa decided to make the girls "Three Stooges" pancakes Saturday morning. He apparently made them for Daddy and his brothers when they were little and they consist of all sorts of shapes and objects.
He even did an "R" and a "K"
The weather was so gorgous on Saturday that we spent a lot of time playing outside. Here is a "troll" aka Grandpa stopping the girls in their jeep and asking them a question before they can pass.
Here comes the Reagan "troll"
Grandma and Grandpa had to answer questions before they could pass the little troll
Kennedy enjoyed hanging out in the back of the jeep while Reagan was being a troll - so cute! :)
Silly Grandpa decided to see if he could drive the jeep
Grandma and Kennedy enjoying the beautiful weather and each other (and Grandma's braces - Kennedy is fascinated by them lol)
Oops, these pictures got a little out of order. Oh well, anyway... Silly Grammy decided she could drive the jeep too lol :)
Before they left Saturday afternoon Grandma gave the girls their cotton candy treats and boy did they love it!!!

Thank you for coming to visit and for all the special things you brought and did with us! We had a great time and are looking forward to seeing you again soon! :)

Kennedy's First Movie - Shrek 4Ever

Tim and I discovered there is a movie theatre with $1.50 tickets very close to our house. For that price and because our girls for some reason love Shrek we thought it would be fun to go see Shrek 4 Ever with the girls one Sunday afternoon in August. As it turned out Reagan had a tough day so Kennedy and I went to her first movie together by ourselves. She was such a sweetheart and made it through the entire movie. It was a fun outing and Daddy and Reagan ended up having a nice afternoon together too.
Missy K and Mommy ready to head to the movie
Besides the $1.50 tickets you can get this entire bucket of popcorn for $2.50! What a deal! And it was a deal that Kennedy obviously loved! :)
Blowing good-bye kisses to Shrek. lol :)
A very happy girl with her bucket of popcorn after the movie
Besides blowing kisses all the way to the car Kennedy kept waving and exclaiming "Bye Shrek!"

Kelly and Anna August Visit

Kelly and Anna came up to visit us for a long weekend in August. Kelly also came to help me prepare and put some frozen dinners in the freezer that would be easy to pull out after Jackson arrived. I think we were able to put nearly 10 dinners together so I was very excited. Thank you so much for coming and doing that for us!
The three girls in matching outfits. So cute! Just wish we could have gotten them all to look at and smile at the camera at the same time. :)

I thought this was so sweet of Reagan and Anna coloring together :)
Reagan loves to roll down the small hill in front of our house. Kennedy hasn't quite figured out how to roll yet so Reagan had a great time having someone to roll with.
Kennedy might not know how to roll but she knows how to run! :)
After rolling it was time for a cool popcicle treat - look at those blue tongues!
And then it was time to take a bath and get cleaned up... I'm not sure who had the idea to use bubbles but I told Kelly that jet tubs don't need much soap/bubble bath to make lots of bubbles. I believe in the aftermath she told me her idea of "not much" and the tubs idea of "not much" were obviously different. It was a lot of bubbles but it was hilarious and the girls loved every minute! lol :)

Bubbles galore!!!
Because the girls had so much fun with the water balloons with their BHLC friends we decided it would be fun to play with water balloons with Anna one day too. Especially since the weather was so beautiful and finally cooling off from our hot and humid summer!

The girls decided it was fun to have Kelly break the water balloons directly over their heads

Sweet Miss Anna :)

Enjoying the beautiful weather outside together!
Thank you Kelly and Anna for coming to visit us! We had a wonderful time and it's awesome to have so many wonderful frozen dinners in the freezer ready to pull out and use as needed!