Monday, February 28, 2011

Heidi's 4th BDay at Monkey Joe's

On, Wednesday, February 9, we met Aunt Dorothy, Heidi and Holden at Wendy's to have dinner to celebrate Heidi's 4th birthday and then went on to Monkey Joe's to have a bunch of fun!
I think these girl's love each other just a little bit :)
Reagan calling to Kennedy to show her something cool she'd found
Three cute girlfriends off together
Love these happy faces!!! :)

Holden checking out Jackson

Uncle Dan got some tokens for the little carousel. Since there were only 3 animals Reagan and Kennedy started off sweetly sharing with each other. Then Reagan got frustrated and Kennedy sweetly agreed to sit on the floor of the ride. Then Heidi sweetly hoped off and took a turn on the floor so Kennedy could ride her animal. Love these three sweet girls! :)

Uncle Dan joined us at Monkey Joe's too and Holden loved having his Daddy to run around with
Reagan couldn't wait to see Monkey Joe again and luckily for us he came out just before we left!

Happy 4th Birthday Heidi! We love you!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Most Adorable Little Packer Fan

Too cute for words! Glad we have cameras and digital pictures so everyone can see! :)

(He's laughing at Reagan in this picture)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jackson - Watch Me Grow - 5 Months

5 Mon - 9 February 2011
4 Mon - 13 January 2011
1 Week - September 2010
Jackson is getting to be a big boy! I thought he seemed like a big guy and at his 4 month appointment he turned out to weigh 16 1/2 lbs and be 26 ins long. These measurements put him in the 90th percentile for weight and height. He seems pretty proportional - big all the way around! :) Not as big as his cousin Holden but if they both continue at the rate they've started, we think we'll have a couple not so little football stars on our hands before too long! :)
Jackson is such a smiley baby! He probably loves to smile at his sisters the most and especially Reagan. She does a great job of entertaining him and he will just giggle and giggle watching her. Another sure fire way to get him giggling is to wash his neck. He thinks it's hysterical and it cracks me up too! lol :)
His sleeping and eating schedule haven't changed drastically this month but we're hoping to work on getting him to sleep longer periods of time and even down the hall in his nursery in the next couple of months. :) One really sweet thing he has started is wanting to hold your hand while he's falling asleep. He practically insists on it and even if he's stirring at night sometimes all he wants to do is hold your hand for a minute and then all is right with the world again. Holding your hand is at least as important to him as his blanket and paci and probably more in his nap/bedtime routine. Precious baby - he just melts my heart!
Jackson is going to be our little musician. While the girls always enjoyed music we have discovered this month that if Jackson is getting fussy all you have to do is start singing and he settles down almost instantaneously. His favorites are Twinkle Twinkle, Baa Baa Blacksheep and ABCs all of which have the same tune. Even the girls know this trick and will sing to him if I'm busy. It's so sweet to see/hear little Missy K doing her best to sing songs to her be be brother. :)
We love you Mr. Jackson! You get sweeter and sweeter and sweeter all the time! You've got us all wrapped around your finger! :)

Packer Super Bowl Party!!! :)

Since we're big Packer fans, we had to have a SuperBowl Party this year. Since we were busy in Mount Olive with Aunt Julie and Uncle Chuck's wedding, Grammy and Grand-Dad came up on Saturday to do some cleaning as well as to help me cook and decorate on Sunday. Thanks so much! Thank you also to Aunt Arla who sent a bunch of fun Packer items to help in the decorating, food and festivities!!!
Packer Fans

Kennedy cheering "Go Pack Go!" with her Kennedy Doll
Reagan doing her Packer cheer
Ready for the party!

Grammy made her special sugar cookies for us in green and yellow footballs
Aunt Arla sent us real Wisconsin cheese including cheese curds as well as yellow and green hot dog buns for our chili dogs
The five cutest little Packer fans ever - and boy did they make us work for this picture!
Love the way these little guys look at each other! Best buddies in the making!
Go Packers!!!
Our three little cheerleaders doing their part to insure Packer success!
Kennedy checking out the green (her favorite color) balloons
Jackson enjoying his first Super Bowl
Showing off their matching Packer tattoos
Awake and ready to party!
Holden enjoying the Packer wipes Aunt Arla sent (with some interferance from Mom lol)
Jackson thinks Reagan is hilarious! She can get him going like no else. It is so cute and I really hope I can capture it on film soon!!!
Kennedy yelling "Yay Packers!" after they won their 4th Super Bowl title
Thank you Grammy, Grand-Dad and Aunt Arla for helping us out so much with our Packer party!