Thursday, March 31, 2011

Aunt Faye's 70th Birthday Surprise Party

The last weekend of February we traveled to South Carolina to help surprise my Aunt Faye for her 70th birthday. My cousin, Stacy, arranged everything and did a fantastic job! As you can tell from her face we succeeded in surprising and pleasing Aunt Faye! :)

Nearly 30 Coyle and LaBar family members traveled from half a dozen states coast to coast to help Aunt Faye celebrate. She's one special lady! Aunt Faye and her daughters, Amber and Stacy

Now we'll back track a bit, I just thought those special birthday pics should start this post :)


Reagan and Riley waited anxiously at the door hiding behind balloons for Aunt Faye/Mimi to arrive

Others waited anxiously as well and wondered if Uncle Martin would be able to successfully get Aunt Faye to the restaraunt...

As you saw above, he obviously was successful and we all enjoyed visiting with Aunt Faye during lunch

Kennedy thought she should be able to have the entire cake not just a slice of it for dessert. I keep forgetting how literal little kids are. When you say "Guess what? You may choose anything you want!" You should be prepared for them to do exactly that... lol :) Grammy and Amber convinced Kennedy she didn't really need/want the entire cake. :)
After lunch we headed back to Aunt Faye and Uncle Martin's home to visit for the afternoon/evening
Aunt Faye enjoyed(?) some wild pushes on her swing from her great grand nieces
Then Riley took over and got everyone organized and under control :)
Ari and Reagan - Reagan cracked us up because as soon as she learned Ari was a couple of months older than her she sized her up right away and pointed out that she, Reagan, was taller anyway - what a nut! :)
Aunt Faye and her sister-in-law, Jannette (splg?)
Aunt Faye reading a new book to Reagan and Riley before we left to head for bed
The next morning we enjoyed attending Uncle Martin's Sunday school class with everyone. Kennedy especially enjoyed putting a couple stickers on her face during church...
After church we went out to eat and Kennedy decided Grammy needed a sticker on her nose...
Riley and Reagan enjoyed each other's company just a little bit
Yummy ice cream!!!

Riley checking out Jackson and his paci - So sweet!!! :)
Poor Reagan fell before we left and bumped her nose. At the time we were a little afraid it might be broken but it all turned out fine.

While Reagan was recovering, Jackson enjoyed being entertained by Uncle Martin

A video of Aunt Faye being surprised

Happy Birthday, Auny Faye!!! We wish you many many more!!! :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Valentine's 2011

I have fallen off the electronic earth for the last month or so. Upon hearing some bad news regarding some friends today I realized how little attention I have paid to e-mail, Facebook or this blog for the last month. It's amazing how fast time goes by and how quickly I get behind! So once again it's time to do my best to try and get caught up with lots of posts over the course of the last month or two. Maybe I can catch up this time before Reagan's birthday when I'll have tons of new pictures to sort through!?!?!


On with the post... We got to celebrate Valentine's Day over the course of a couple of weeks beginning with Grammy and GrandDad when they came up to help us get ready for the Packer Party the weekend before Valentine's Day. They gave the girls some new princess clothing among other gifts. My little princesses were very grateful!



Tiana and Rapunzel On Valentine's Day we began by making Valentine's bags to put our Valentine's cards in. Then we made cards for each other to add to the cards we received in the mail. Reagan wrote everyone's names on their bag before we decorated them. We used different materials to decorate our bags and cards and Reagan had fun creating princess stickers by cutting out some princess heart pictures,
using my Xyron
and presto! Valentine Princess stickers!!! :)
Reagan loves using sticker shapes to create flower stickers. She is totally into this and will create by the hour and until she runs out of stickers!
We also had fun with some stamps
Jackson chilled in his jumper
We also made Valentine's Day cookies. I especially liked this and a couple other pictures because the girl's bodies reminded me of a heart shape as they worked together on their cookies. So sweet!
This one really looked like a heart to me as the worked on placing the cookies on the cookie sheet
Working together to roll out more dough
Time to eat some yummy dough!!! :)
Kennedy hard at work on her Kennedy bag
Kennedy helped Jackson out by decorating his bag with Mickey Mouse stickers since he was too little to make one on his own
The girls helped me prepare the strawberries for our pink pancakes we would make later for supper
They decided they needed a strawberry snack since they had been working so hard all day :)

Time to decorate those cookies! (No matter how many times I tell the girls not to let the shakers touch the icing it always happens and drives me crazy! lol :) You can see Kennedy's cookie is mid air in this picture due to being stuck to the shaker...)
When Daddy came home, he and Jackson worked on making Valentine's Day cards together
What a face - note how far the shaker is from the cookie and it's icing! lol :)
Working together to decorate the last cookie (somehow we ended up with an odd number)
So proud of their Valentine sugar cookie creations
Next the girls helped make pink pancakes for supper
I tried to use the heart shaped cookie cutter Aunt Arla sent us to make heart pancakes but it only worked out so so
Grammy and Aunt Arla both gave us pink marshmellows for Valentine's so we used them to top the hot chocolate we had as a special treat for supper
After supper we opened our cards and gifts from Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Scott and Aunt Arla, Nonna and Uncle David and Aunt Jolene. Thank you so much to everyone for everything!
A very excited Kennedy about M&Ms from Grandma and Grandpa!
Reagan loving some stickers from Nonna
The girls love singing cards and this one from Uncle Scott and Aunt Arla was no exception! :)
The day after Valentine's Reagan received these special flowers and bear from Uncle Scott (her Godfather) - she loved them and annouced that she was going to use these roses in her wedding (same thing she said last year - how funny!) I told her these might not make it to her wedding but she can definitely have roses some day if she would like them! :)
Reagan wanted Jackson to smell and look at her roses - so sweet! :)
Kennedy didn't say anything when Reagan received her roses but just went on being her sweet little self. She liked them of course but didn't say anything about not having received any herself. Later in the week I went to get the flowers from the entry way that Grammy had brought us for our Packer party. As I walked into the kitchen Kennedy took one look at these half wilted flowers I was holding and exclaimed "Are those my flowers?!?!?!" She insisted on holding them and hugging them and kept telling me how much she loved them. She was so precious and she was just breaking/melting my heart! I had no idea how much it meant to her. We're going to have to order some flowers for my precious Missy K in the future!
Thank you again to everyone for everything! We felt very loved this Valentine's!