Friday, April 29, 2011

Reagan's Spring 2011 Violin Recital

On Sunday, April 17, Reagan participated in her second violin recital. Since she passed her Twinkle test earlier this spring she chose to play it for the recital. Ms. Bethany told us it would be alright if Grammy would like to accompany Reagan on the piano and Reagan thought that was a wonderful idea! Reagan may have missed a couple of notes but over all both she and Grammy did an excellent job together! :)Waiting and watching with Uncle Scott. It was so special that Aunt Arla and Uncle Scott were able to stay for Reagan's violin recital especially since they are her Godparents. It made the day more special for all of us! I just need to get some of Aunt Arla's really good pictures of the three of them together! Waiting in line to have her violin tuned Practicing before the recital Playing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" during the recital I have two videos of Reagan's recital; one of her playing Twinkle Variation C (Grasshopper Grasshopper) and one of Twinkle Theme, but for some reason I cannot get Blogger to upload them. I will try uploading them again another time, sorry for anyone who has been waiting to see them!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reagan's 4th Birthday Tea Party

On Saturday morning, April 16, we had a Tea Party to celebrate Reagan's 4th birthday. We thought it only appropriate to be extra festive wear hats! We had so much fun! We used a combination of new hats and some we received from Reagan's Great-Grandmother, Helen LaBar, which were made by some of our family members decades ago. We had an absolutely fabulous time and appreciated everyone who came! Thank you so much for making it such a special day for our Missy Reagan!

The group of lovely ladies who attended our tea party. Heidi LaBar, Reagan Lueker, and Anna Stiriz are in the front row. Next we have Arla Carlson, Kennedy Lueker and Anna Lueker. Sherry LaBar and Kelly Stiriz are in the next row with Dorothy LaBar at the very top. Backing up a bit here is Reagan admiring herself in the mirror upon finishing getting ready. She was pretty happy with the way she looked. I was originally planning for Reagan to wear one of the hats we received from Grandma LaBar but she found and fell in love with this hat while we were looking for one for Aunt Arla at the store. Since she was the birthday girl, how could I say no? Grand-Dad helping Reagan put on her gloves I couldn't believe it when I found pretty close to matching shoes for the girls and myself. I loved them almost as much as the hats! :) Introducing our tea party girls - Miss Reagan Lueker Miss Kennedy Lueker Miss Anna Stiriz Miss Heidi LaBar Mr. Holden LaBar was also in attendance lol :) Love this picture of Aunt Dorothy putting on her hat - beautiful! The Tea Party My favorite picture of the day - I don't think it gets anymore precious than this! Here are some of my favorite girl pictures from throughout the day Grammy and her little necklace loving buddyKennedy hugging her buddy Holden - so sweet! Kennedy was "hiding" under Grammy's hat - silly girl! lol :) My two favorite happy guys in the world! After we finished eating Reagan opened her presents. As I was telling her where to sit she looked at me and so sweetly said "Mommy, you're making me feel so special!" She totally melted my heart! After the gifts were opened we headed back to the dining room for cake. Here are the girls with their individual cakes. Aunt Arla caught this great picture of Reagan blowing out her candle - what a face Missy Reagan! Kennedy could NOT wait to dig into her princess cake! As a matter of fact, she snuck away while Reagan was opening her presents and got a bit of a head start. Everyone got a kick out of her eating/enjoying this cake! lol :) Holden enjoyed digging into a cupcake :) Some artistic shots of decorations taken by Grand-Dad and Uncle Dan Even the flowers cooperated beautifully for Missy Reagan's special day! :) Thank you to everyone for coming, for the gifts and for sharing all your wonderful pictures! It was so hard to narrow down the selection to even as many as I have here. It was just such an amazing day with so many wonderful memories!

For my own memory, and Reagan's, I wanted to write a note about some of the pieces we used for the tea.

The collection of China is the Noritake Sheridan pattern from Reagan's Great Great Grandmother Flora Clark Anderson. She was the mother of Esther Anderson Carlson, mother of Sherry Carlson LaBar, mother of Anna LaBar Lueker, mother of Reagan Lueker.

The handpainted pitcher and matching glasses came from Edna Phelps who was married to Reagan's Great Great Uncle George Matthews who was brother to her Great Grandma Helen Matthews LaBar. Helen was mother to Arthur T. LaBar, father of Anna LaBar Lueker mother of Reagan Lueker.

The Waterford Crystal goblets which were used are from Anna and Tim Lueker's wedding crystal.

The collection of sterling silver is the Royal Crest Promise pattern started by Sherry LaBar