Friday, May 27, 2011

Jackson - Watch Me Grow - 8 Months

8 Months - 10 May 20117 Months - 10 April 20111 Week - 17 September 2011 Looking at the pictures this month I can't believe how much of a difference there is between Jackson's 7 and 8 month picture! He is sitting up so well it looks like he's grown a neck. I guess I should have realized he had gotten significantly better at sitting up on his own this month as I feel much more comfortable with him sitting and playing in the bathtub.


Jackson rolls anywhere but he is not working real hard on crawling or pulling up. I guess you don't have too when you have two big sisters who are willing to get you just about anything you need and/or want! lol :)


Jackson's sleeping patterns leave a little to be desired at the moment... We are really struggling to get him to sleep through the night. Some nights he wakes up nearly every hour. I love this baby boy but there are some hours of the night I'd rather not spend so much time with him... Luckily 99% of the time he goes right back down. It's just staying asleep that we've got to get figured out.


We have another very independent little person on our hands. Mr. Jackson is determined to feed himself. There are times when you would think he was being skinned alive if you put him down for a meal and he can see we have food he doesn't. He loves food and he loves to feed himself! We have had to work hard at figuring out things he can feed himself or how we can adjust our food (like shredding cheese) so our little two tooth wonder can participate the way he would like in the wonderful world of food. What a little goof!


As Grand-Dad told me this month, "Jackson doesn't need many toys to be happy he just wants to be held." This is a great description of Jackson. He is such a sweet little snuggle bug! He just wants to be right with us and love on all of us all the time! We are so blessed to have such a precious little lover in our family!

Mother's Day 2011

We had a super nice Mother's Day with Grammy this year. We spent a nice relaxing day together with my super sweet kids! I love these guys and feel so blessed to think I have three happy, healthy, precious children this Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Derby Day

To finish off our super busy Saturday we had a mini Derby party Saturday evening with Grammy and Uncle Dan's family. Since it was a Derby party we of course had to break out the hats! :) I think Kennedy had the most fun playing with the hats and using them both on her head and feet...What an adorable little Southern Bell!Watching the Derby! None of us guessed Animal Kingdom would win but we enjoyed watching the race all the same! :)

May Fest 2011

After Reagan's dance performace was over we walked down the street to enjoy Lexington's May Fest. The weather was perfect and we had lots of fun enjoying the variety of displays set up as well as all the activities for the kids and live music. We started on a big bouncy thing and moved directly on to the horses. Horse are a must anytime we see them with my girls!Next the girls decided they wanted to try the pirate ship ridePirate Kennedy - as the kids exited the ride they gave them a pirate's patch to wearWhile the girls were busy bouncing, riding horses and being wild and crazy on the pirate ship Jackson was enjoying some quality Daddy time. He's such a happy baby! :)A couple more pirates in our group - after Heidi arrived she and Reagan took another ride on the Pirate Ship. Kennedy decided she'd rather have another pony ride.All the kids loved the petting zoo!!!Kennedy and Reagan enjoyed their first corn dogs at the festival - they were yummy! :)I thought this pic of Daddy and Jackson enjoying lunch together was too cute. I can't believe how big Mr. Jackson is getting already!One exhausted baby boy!

Reagan's Dance Performance

Reagan takes ballet with the Lexington Ballet Company. The little girls do not participate in the official dance recitals of the company or the school. They do, however, do a low key dance performance for family and friends at the end of the year. Reagan particiapted in her first one at the beginning of May and did a great job! The little girls were so sweet and as one mother said it was "cute chaos." They really did a wonderful job considering their ages and it will be so much fun to watch them grow up together! :)


My little ballerinaThe "performance" began with the dance instructor walking them through some exercises at the bar. The little girls in pink (like Reagan) are in one of the 3-4 yr old Creative Movement classes. The little girls in white are in one of the 5-6 yr old Pre-Ballet classes. This is Reagan's class during their piece. Reagan was one of the "Skip Leaders"This is a picture of one of the pre-ballet classesMy little ballerina in training. :) We'll be trying out summer classes to see if Missy K is ready to start Creative Movement with Reagan this coming Fall.Grammy came up for the weekend for Reagan's dance demonstration as well as my birthday, May Fest, Derby Day and Mother's Day. Parker and ReaganReagan with Hadley and AvaMs. Jeanna, Reagan's teacher

Monday, May 23, 2011

More Bath Fun with Jackson

The girls love to have Jackson join them in the bathtub now. They're funny though because it doesn't take very long for them to decide he's finished since they have to be more careful when he's in the tub. Here he is enjoying his first Bubble Bath the beginning of May.I love this picture of him smiling at himself - so so soooo sweet! :)This picture was actually taken before the first two I posted when he was first checking out the bubbles to see what they were all about.I think this was about the time Reagan was telling Jackson he needed to get out of the tub. As you can see Jackson was still enjoying himself...Aunt Jennifer gave us some cool bath color dots which the girls love to play with. Even though it's not a great pic of the kids, I thought it was kind of cool of the water since you can see Kennedy had a yellow dot, Reagan had a red one and it's mixing orange in the middle around Jackson. I guess it doesn't take much to entertain me either. lol :)Jackson enjoys splashing