Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jackson - Watch Me Grow - 9 Months

9 Months - 9 June 20118 Months - 10 May 20111 Week - 17 September 2011

At 9 months Jackson was pretty close to crawling but not quite. That didn't stop him a bit from scooting around everywhere and getting to anything he wanted.

Jackson must have a bit of his sister's dramatic flare because boy can he get mad! He has such a switch though. He can be screaming like you're skinning him a live and then all of a sudden everything is great. He cracked me up the most when I'd be busy doing something, however, and he would scoot himself over to me and lay his little head down on my feet and hold on with his little hands and just sob. He is soooo dramatic!

Sleeping hit a major improvement after returning from Tennessee and Grammy and Grand-Dad left after Memorial Day weekend. Thank you Dr. Sears! His sleeping method has worked wonders for every one of my kids. It is awesome! We had one rough evening where I laid next to the crib and Jackson was so sad. :( But after holding his hand (through the crib - so pathetic), singing Twinkle (still his favorite song) after about 45 minutes he fell fast asleep and slept the entire night. So, so, so much better! While it's only been once or twice he's even managed a 12 hour night! None of my kids have ever done that before! Jackson is still taking two naps a day which I don't think the girls were doing at 9 months but I'd have to double check on that.

He is so bald, bless his little heart! lol :) Kennedy didn't have much hair at this age either but even she had at least 4x the amount. Poor kid even when he does eventually get it he won't keep it for long looking at his daddy, grandpas and uncles!

While Jackson can be very dramatic for the most part he is a super sweet and loving baby! He is such a honey bear!!! He loves to be held and snuggled and he also has a great sense of humor. He has an extremely quick smile and it doesn't take anything to get him giggling. That is especially true if Reagan is in the room - he thinks she is positively hysterical! He is such a sweet baby and we all adore and love him beyond words! :)

Kennedy's 1st Dance Class

Miss Jeanna told us this spring if Kennedy wanted she could go ahead and begin the Creative Movement class this Fall even though she won't be 3 until November. I thought it might be wise to try a couple summer classes so we could see if Missy K would actually participate. She was extremely excited and did a fantastic job following directions and participating! The only thing she didn't want to do was jump over some sombreros (splg?) Miss Jeanna set out for fun. She told them it didn't matter if they landed on them or not but it was still apparently too overwhelming for poor Missy K. Other than that she had a great time and is definitely looking forward to more classes soon! :)


My little ballerinas :)

Practicing standing at the barReady for class to begin!

Like Father Like Son...

Tim use to drive me crazy using serving spoons for his breakfast cereal. Apparently his son, who insists on eating whatever we're eating, thinks it is appropriate to use the spatula instead of a fork. I was using the spatula to serve our food on his tray and he got furious I was taking it away so I just gave it to him. I'm glad it enabled Jackson to enjoy his supper...

Fun in the Sun! :)

The month of May finished off with some more great weather and the kids continued to have a great time playing outside and especially in the water!Reagan and Kennedy figured out they could fill up their sandbox toy tub with water and use it for the sandbox or better yet climbing/jumping in to! :)Happy girl playing in the water! :)Reagan and Kennedy play so well together and they sure loved this tub of water!Filling up the tub againHopping in!I love these three sweet kiddos with all my heart! I love how much they love playing together!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Grammy and Grand-Dad came up for Memorial Day weekend. It was a gorgeous weekend and we had lots of fun outside! We saw my cousin Daryl and his wife Ashley and their daughter Claire who were visiting Uncle Dan and Aunt Dorothy but I somehow managed not to get any pictures. Bmmer! Anyhoo... we purchased this little pool on clearance the end of last summer and Reagan has been asking to get it out ever since. She was very excited to learn it was warm enough to finally use it! All three kids had a fabulous time playing in the pool and fountain!Jackson was completely fascinated by the fountainDaddy afraid to touch Jackson because he thinks he's so sweet he might melt if he gets wet. Poor Jackson!!!My precious baby boy! Love this picture!!!!! :)The fountain created a couple of rainbows but I had such a time getting the girls positioned so I could get a picture of them with/under it. Kennedy wanted to run run run, slide slide slide and was not interested in the least in stopping for picture taking.Reagan was interested in getting her picture taken under the rainbow I just had a hard time getting her to understand where I wanted her to sit. If all else fails, just go right ahead and slide right under the rainbow!Silly, upside down Missy K! :)The many faces of Missy Reagan. I'm not sure exactly how this began but Reagan wanted me to take pictures of her making different faces. So Mom and I would shout an emotion and Reagan would make the face for me to take a picture of. It was pretty funny and cute. So, with no further ado here is Missy Reagan's "Happy" face! :)Grumpy...Excited!!! Surprised!!!Scared!!!So mad...So sad...I wish I could remember what we asked her to do in this one. I think it was something like wishful or sweet. What a face in anycase! Precious Crazy!Crazy/Silly poseSince Kennedy is a little Miss "Monkey See Monkey Do" she had to do some faces for me as well. lol :) Here is her grumpy face...Sweet SmileSad Face...My crazy girls posing together! lol :)Kennedy insisted Grammy (specifically and only Grammy) check and see if she was poopy. She wanted to be upside down in this position for the checking. I have absolutely no idea why. She is such a crazy little nut!Kennedy has such a wonderful and exuberant "Ta Da!!!" when she has done something she is proud of. I believe she was spinning like a ballarina here and very proud of herself as you can see from the "Ta Da!" she is shouting.Love my baby girl and her sweet smiles! :)Grand-Dad cut down some branches and then had the great idea of giving the girls a ride on the pile of them. Such a cool and fun idea!!! :)Love all these smiles! I'm not sure who was having the most fun!Mini Grand-Dad hard at work... :)Ready for bed???Reagan and Kennedy have been wanting to try Gelatto since reading about it in an Olivia book. Reagan especially can't wait to visit Italy now but Daddy said she has to get a job to pay for the trip first. :) We saw some in the store and Grammy decided we should try it out. Unfortunately it tasted nothing like the real thing but the girls didn't know the difference and loved the special treat! We decided to do a mini/easy cookout over the fire pit with hotdogs on Memorial Day. We also had some fresh fruit and Kennedy loved the Watermelon!My sweet boy enjoying the outside and time with Daddy :)Jackson helping Grand-Dad and Grammy with their hotdogsGrammy purchased these "Jumbo" marshmellows for us to try on our Smores. They are enormous but I really like the way they work!Grand-Dad and Jackson (who has only a Graham Cracker) enjoying dessert togetherGrammy and Grand-Dad couldn't leave before we had our "traditional" Root Beer Floats. Dad claims we always had these for Memorial Day but none of the rest of recall it. Whatever the case we re-started the "tradition" last year and carried it on for a second year with great enjoyment by all! :)

Thank you Grammy and Grand-Dad for coming up for the weekend and helping us have so much fun! :)