Friday, July 29, 2011

Life Is Good

Rory - 6 yrs Reagan - 4 yrsRiley - 3 1/2 yrs Kennedy - 2 1/2 yrsJackson - 9 1/2 mo I love taking pictures in general but I had so much fun at the pool on July 4! It was so hard to narrow down these pictures and the ones in the previous post there were just so many happy faces and good times to capture! :)

4th of July Pool Party

On the 4th of July some of Rich and Stacy's friends graciously invited us all to join them for a BBQ and pool party. The food was fantastic and the pool and firework viewing was awesome! This was a very enjoyable and memorable 4th of July!


The oldest and youngest of the LaBar Great-Grandchildren enjoying some California sun and lots of pool fun! :)

Kennedy and Jackson having a bit of fun with Mommy :)Kennedy in the beautiful pool. I was trying to get her to wave at me but sometimes you take what you can get.Jackson and Kennedy had a great time trying to catch this beach ball but anytime they got near it they bumped it away in the water. It's a good thing my kids have tenacity!With a life jacket/flotation device, small innertube and a noodle I think we can declare Kennedy safe and clearly her father's daughter...My little surfer girlA couple cute pictures of the cousins having a great time together. I can almost hear those giggles looking at these pictures. :)Inspired by his little cousin or just having fun? In either case there was no need to worry about whether Riley was going to sink or swim (no pun intended) either! lol :) Rory is such a cooperative and photogenic kid! He was great to take pictures of all week long! :)And he's off (or in as the case may be, he's in)!I was able to capture some great shots of Aunt Stacy and Riley together. I love these pictures!While the moms were in the pool with the kids the dads found their own way of enjoying a 4th of July pool party... I had actually thought about titling this picture something about the sinners vs the saints (the saints wold be Stacy and me since we were in the pool with the kids) but couldn't quite figure out how to do it. lol :)I can't give the dads too hard a time because they did hop in the pool and man did they play hard with their little guys. I LOVE this picture of my little surfer dude with his daddy! Way too cute!!!Uncle Rich spent quite a bit of time launching all the kids across the poolJudging from this face I believe Rory may have been enjoying this activity... :)This is one of my favorite series of pictures I have ever taken! I love the action it catches as well as Riley's amazing smile. He is clearly having a glorious time! Having said that, I don't know how much Riley's Mimi will appreciate these action shots as it may be a bit more on the wild side than she would approve of. :) Jackson enjoyed having a turn at jumping up and down in the water with his Daddy too. :) The girls also took a few turns flying through the air and into the water with Uncle Rich but those pictures weren't nearly as good as the pictures of the three wild and crazy boys! :)Two wild and crazy little boys jumping with their daddy's! Just get a load of those faces! lol :)Kennedy enjoying some swim time with Aunt Stacy - so sweet! :)Reagan had new underwear that she was extremely excited about and proud of. She made sure everyone at the party (including the pre-teen boys) were able to see and appreciate her beautiful new horse underwear. Dr. Livingston I presume? After getting out of the pool and getting ready to eat and watch fireworks Reagan enjoyed taking the opportunity to wear Daddy's hat and glasses. Thank you so much for the amazing BBQ and pool party! We had a fabulous time! :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The 4th of July

We spent a good portion of the 4th hanging out at Rich and Stacy's and just letting the kids play together. Stacy and Rory purchased a bunch of fun July 4th accessories and the kids loved them! Here are a few pictures from our festive photo shoot! Jackson wasn't quite as interested in this photo op but we did have to throw him for just one quick pic! :)The boys have a great play set that the kids throughly enjoyed together Mr. CoolRiley ready to attack the monkey barsGo Riley Go!!!Oops, this is a bit out of order but none the less cute of Reagan and Jackson crawling and ready to head out the door to the 4th of July BBQ and pool party.Before heading to the pool party (and actually before lunch and naps) Rory helped everyone apply some very festive 4th of July tattoos Stacy had for the kidsThe Chef with his amazing ribs!The cutest Little Uncle Sam ever!!!I took a couple of sibling pictures too. I thought this one was so cute of Rory and Riley - they both have the best smiles! :)I thought this was a pretty cute pic of my three little munchkins too! :) We didn't get to spend the day with them, but this 4th of July was special for Grammy and Grand-Dad as it was their 35th Anniversary. They spent it taking a vacation on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We wish we could have spent it with them but we were thinking about them and wishing them a great day and many more years together! :)