Monday, September 26, 2011

Watch Me Grow - Jackson - 12 Month

Jackson 1 year - 12 September 2011
Watch out World, here I come!!!
11 Month - 12 August 20116 Month - 16 March 20111 Week - 17 September 2011 My little J-Man turned 1 on Saturday, September 10! We had his official birthday party Labor Day weekend with lots of family and friends. Thank you so much to everyone who traveled to be with us for Jackson's birthday! Our family spent Jackson's actual birthday with Grammy, Grand-Dad, Uncle Dan, Aunt Dorothy, Heidi and Holden at Bi-Water farms in Georgetown. We had a great time and ended the day with a birthday party the Hamlin's hosted at their home for Jackson including all the people listed above. It was a great 1st birthday!

Jackson took his first 2 steps (literally 2 steps) two weeks before his birthday. We thought it would only be a matter of time until he really took off after that but instead he is still not walking (at all - literally not 1 additional step has been taken) a month later. As a matter of fact we has earned the knick name "lazy legs." He loves to free stand and gets so excited doing it he looks like he's dancing. It is so super cute! But he will not make any effort to take a step. If you try holding his hand and getting him to take a step forward he either sits down, bends his knees, or just picks up his legs. What a little goof ball!

As of his birthday Jackson had two teeth on top and two on the bottom with another two coming in on the top. He is a slow teether just like his sisters.

He is such a sweet and funny baby but this boy has such a temper too. He is either extremely happy or extremely mad and there's not a whole lot in between. I'm beginning to be a bit afraid that his disposition is going to be more like his oldest sister's. Where do my kids get there extreme tempers from??? Heaven help us please! I'm going to do my best to enjoy these next 6 months because it was about 18 months when Reagan really started to rachet up... Maybe we'll be more effective in dealing with temper tantrums the second time around? Here's to hoping we've learned a thing or two which Jackson will benefit from! :)

Jackson loves to read! One morning when I got out of the shower I discovered Jackson and Reagan had woken up and were reading books together. They were so sweet together! I left them alone and later I counted 7 books she had read and put in his crib for him. I think he would have kept going but she decided she wanted to play with her dollhouse.

Jackson insists on reading before he goes to sleep (nap or bedtime) and will happily sit and read any other time of day. One day I got lunch going late and he was literally falling asleep at the table. Because of that I scooped him up and took him upstairs thinking I could just lay him down for a nap. He threw such a fit and I couldn't figure out what was going on given how tired he had been downstairs. It was only that evening that it occurred to me he was furious because we hadn't followed his routine and read books before I put him in the crib. That is exactly what Reagan would have done too...

As far as sleeping goes Jackson is awesome! He sleeps 11-12 hours at night and takes a 2-3 hour afternoon nap. His natural inclination might be to still take two shorter daytime naps but with his big sister's schedules and activities it's easier for me to plan around one longer nap. He does such a great job of accomodating us and all our craziness! He is such a happy little camper as he gets toted here there and everywhere waiting for his sisters.

Putting Jackson down for his nap is one of my favorite times of days. He gets so excited about his books and after we read he almost always lets me rock him to sleep. While we read at night (which I love too) it's a toss up whether he'll let me rock him to sleep or if he wants to be laid down in his crib. It is so relaxing to rock him to sleep and then hold my sweet baby for a little while. I get the girls going on a couple of activities and they are very good at being quite while I get him down for his nap. It is such a precious time of day when I get to spend 20-30 special minutes with my little guy all by himself. I sure love him a lot and no matter how stressful a morning I might have had I can feel all my stress dissipating as I sit and rock him!

When changing Jackson's diaper I am frequently reminded of Uncle Martin's description of changing Amber (I think it was Amber but maybe it was challenging toddlers in general). In anycase this is the perfect way to describe changing his diaper - it's something like trying to change a cross between an octopus and a bed spring. He thinks he is hilarious when you let him get a way and he zooms across the room where he turns around and giggles at you.

Jackson's favorite person in the world is Grammy. The girls have always loved Grammy but Jackson LOVES Grammy. If she is the room, he won't have a thing to do with anyone else holding him. If he doesn't want you to hold him, he doesn't just turn away either, he flaps his hand/arm at you violently to push you away. He's also pretty jealous about the girls being in someone's lap when he wants to be. He is a funny little dude with definite ideas about the way his world should be!

I wrote all of this several weeks ago and just never got Jackson's 1 year duck picture downloaded to complete the post. That said, I want to add a few more comments on Jackson's progress since his 1st birthday - can't believe that was already a month ago! As I mentioned above, Jackson has quite the temper. This baby has his scowl down. It is hilarious! I need to catch it on film because it is so darn cute. That said, we seriously shouldn't be laughing at it and encouraging his attitude and/or temper. I know it's bad he's just so darn cute!

Another thing I don't believe I remembered to comment on above is Jackson's continued love for music. I don't know if it's because of the increased exposure to music each of our children has had or if it's just a natural tendancy towards it but I think Jackson may be our most musical child. When practicing new songs with the girls we use hand signs to designate the notes they will be playing on the violin. Jackson has started immitating those signs and keeping the beat while we practice. Again I so need to get this on film because it is so far past cute (and a little bit amazing too!).

Jackson is very indpendent and quite determined to do everything his big sisters are doing. He virtually refused to eat baby food and wanted to go straight to table food. If it's on your plate, then it should be on his! He is desperate to be right in the middle of any and every activity anyone around him is doing. He will write on his paper while the girls are doing their school work or participate in any art activity they are doing. Basically anything I'm up for trying he's willing to try as well (well, he's probably up for trying more than I'm willing to try...). In the last month (since his first birthday) he has also decided he does not want to have an independent storytime at night but has to have it with the girls. Jackson screams bloody murder if you try to read to him in his room or if you try and take him away from their room before you've read stories, said prayers and turned off the lights. He wants to be sure everyone is going to bed and he's not going to miss one minute of any fun that might be occurring. Again, this little boy knows exactly how he wants his world to be!

I love, love, love my sweet Mr. Jackson!!! I can't imagine having a more precious baby for a son! We all love him dearly and he keeps us laughing and entertained! Whatever else he is, he is most certainly not lacking for personality and I can't wait to see how he continues to mature and grow!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Big Girl

Missy K has been having a very exciting Fall. If you've seen her lately, I'm sure she's told you "I'm big enough to take ballet!!! gymnastics!!!!! violin!!!!!!!!" This is one very excited little girl to be getting in on the activities she was been watching her big sister be involved in for the past year. She won't be 3 until November, so she's a bit young for some of these activities but she was so excited her teachers said she could join Reagan. She is loving every minute!!! Here she is headed off to her first violin lesson in August. How did my baby girl turn into a big girl so fast?

Monday, September 12, 2011


The last Sunday in August we joined Dan, Dorothy, Heidi and Holden at an annual charity event that benefits local children called Touch-A-Truck at Keeneland Race Track. Unfortunately we were seperated from Dan and crew pretty quickly. We didn't even get one picture with them! You know you haven't been with me long if I'm not able to snap even one shot of you! lol :) Even though we didn't end up getting to checkout everything with them we had an amazing time. The weather was awesome and the kids loved everything! I'm not even sure what there favorite thing was. It was super super cool!!! What a fantastic opportunity to check out all sorts of trucks, machinery and large vehicles. This was so much fun and such a great way to support the community at the same time. We'll be going back in the future for sure! I'm not sure why these first pictures are a bit blurry but I still think they're pretty cute of the kids checking out the bulldozer. Fun, fun, fun! :)Reagan decided to see how she fit into the rear scoop as well :)My little police officer checking out a squad car and ready to rid the world of crime.and my very happy little criminal ready to be taken away by her older sister... lol :)This was the first big truck we visited and the driver let Reagan blow the horn. What fun!!! She loved it and honking horns definitely became the activity of the day for every truck we checked out.One honk happy little girl! :) Looking at a truck engine with DaddyI'm not sure what the purpose of this rollerskate is exactly (I guess just advertisement?) but the girls couldn't wait to climb up in it and pretend to drive it. :)There were a couple of race cars (and the trucks that carry them along with racing outfits) to climb in and explore. The girls thought it was hilarious how low the seats were. They had to stand up in the seats to be able to see out the window. The Coca Cola truck had free sunglasses the kids loved. Check out Jackson's new shades. :)Missy K loves sharing your "C-OOOO-CA C-OOOO-LA" any chance she gets. She'll ask "May I have a drink of your C-OOOO-CA C-OOOO-LA?" with the prolonged letter "O" in both words in the lowest voice she can produce. She over innuciates everything in general but she really exagerates these words. She is so darn cute! :)Future Coke employees?Four of my favorite people in the world checking out and driving a crane Reagan and Kennedy got to check out the Keeneland starting gates.My two little fillies ready to go! :)Jackson thought the firetrucks were pretty interestingReagan enjoyed blowing the towtruck horn too! :)After checking out the cement mixer (they had tipped it on its side so you could check it out - I'm not sure their idea worked so well though) the last truck we looked at was the garbage truck. It was super cool because they were not only letting the kids climb up inside but also mechanically pick up a garbage can and dump it. Way too cool!!! :)You can see Reagan's bow through the window as she watches her garbage can dump out.Missy K was ready to have a turn as well.Missy K was a little short to watch the garbage can and control the joystick at the same time. So the garbage man showed her how she could watch a little video screen to see what she was doing and when to grab, lift and release the garbage can. Way way too cool! :)Then the garbage man let Missy K pull the big horn (Reagan was dissapointed she only got to do the little horn) and boy did she blow that horn - loud and loooooong!!! She must have been waiting for her moment all day long when Tim and I weren't the ones standing right next to her telling her to stop. lol :) Tim was waiting in line by the helicopter and he said everyone turned around, laughed and commented on someone having a lot of fun over at the garbage truck. He could see me standing next to the garbage can so he knew it was one of his little garbage collectors. :)Since Daddy and Jackson stood in line at the helicopter for us while we were busy with the cement mixer, tow truck and dump truck we were able to scoot right to the front and check it out. The girls had been eying the helicopter all afternoon and were very see it up close and personal and talk to the pilot. As we were leaving for the day we were able to watch it take off too. Another pretty nifty thing to see! :)Time to bounce! :) You'd think with a trampoline at home and taking gymnastics these bouncy things wouldn't be so exciting but they are a must do and super exciting every time we see them. :) Boy do I wish it was so easy to make me so happy! :) On the other hand, I guess it kind of is easy to make me happy since it makes me happy to see my kids happy and since it's this easy to make them happy it makes me happy too! Did you follow that? lol :)While the girls bounced, Daddy and Jackson stood in line for face painting. That was really nice since the girls missed a pretty long wait. Missy K decided she wanted to be a dog and Reagan decided she wanted to be a kitty. Before their faces were even finished they were talking about how the Missy K dog was going to be chasing the Missy Reagan kitty. They crack me up! :)The last thing we checked out before we left was the hot air balloon. We felt bad because the girls had really wanted to see the hot air balloon when we first got there but we headed a different direction. By the time we got back to it the wind had picked up so they had deflated it. The girls were still able to check out the balloon material and climb in the basket but if it's there next year we'll head directly to the hot air balloon! Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, Go directly to the Hot Air Balloon! :)What a great day! We can't wait to attend this event again next year!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Explorium Open Art Studio

The last Wednesday in August we met Aunt Dorothy and Heidi at the Explorium for the Open Art Studio. The girls all had a great time creating a number of beautiful art pieces. Here is Missy K with her bunny mask which she helped cut out and has very glittery ears and whiskers. :)Jackson helping Aunt Dorothy complete Heidi's bunny maskHeidi helping Reagan glitter her monkey maskA Heidi BunnyThen the girls decided it was time to paint (and paint and paint)! :)Heidi posing as a little artist - way too cute! :)After we finished up with the Open Art Studio we headed to the Bubble Room. Look who figured out how to pull the bubble up around herself "Without Nobody Helping Me!!!" :)Missy K and Reagan enjoyed stomping all the bubbles they couldJackson really enjoyed his time in the Bubble Room this time as well. :)Reagan was very excited about catching and holding these bubblesWhen we went to the toddler area Jackson wasted no time in finding the water area and his ducks! :)Reagan and Heidi had a wonderful time in the horse area while Kennedy and Jackson were busy in the toddler area. Dorothy snapped all these super cute pictures of the two of them.

Can't wait for our next trip to the Exporium!