Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Holden !!! :)

We had a great time celebrating Holden's 2nd Birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese earlier this month. I think we're going to have to have Jackson's 2nd birthday there next year. It appears to be somewhat of a LaBar family tradition to have 2nd birthdays there (Heidi and Reagan had their's there and I'm not sure why we didn't have Kennedy's there last year). The kids absolutely love it! And here is our cute birthday boy on the Chuck-E-Cheese ride. Happy birthday Holden! :) This memory is so much sweeter and better than this picture. Between this cup of hot chocolate moving in circles and trying to get their attention (let alone a smile) the picture just didn't turn out that well. It's so sweet though because I know these guys are going to be best buddies like their big sisters before very long and they were so cute riding together. I'm glad these boys will be able to say they never missed each other's birthdays too! :)Jackson loved riding with Missy K - he thinks his big sisters are pretty much the funniest people on the face of the planet. lol :)The girls had fun taking a ride in the mug of hot chocolate too :)Kennedy cracked me up on this ride. She started it and matter of factly told me she wasn't scared at all. I admit I'm a terrible mother, because as soon as she said it I reached over and pull the gear shift so the truck started going up and rumbling. I simply couldn't help myself... It was hilarious because her eyes became enormous and she said "Now I'm scared!!!" Poor girl! Her mother definitely has her Grammy's sense of humor... lol :)Reagan always loves to ride this horse at Chuck-E-Cheese. She still doesn't understand the racing game but she loves to ride the horse. :)Heidi was the first to check out this helicopter but all three girls enjoy flying as high as they can (with some assistance of course)All three girls also loved seeing Chuck-E-Cheese. What can I say? Everything is so much fun at this place when you're a kid!Then we headed back to Holden's house for pizza (Old Chicago - our favorite!!!), presents and cake! Woo hoo! :)Jackson may not have been able to sit with the big kids but he enjoyed his awesome pizza every bit as much!Grammy and Grand-Dad (Holden's Great Aunt Sherry and Uncle Ted) thought Holden should have some dress up clothes of his own. Now he can be Heidi's Knight in Shining Armor! :)Jackson throughly enjoyed most of Holden's toys and the two of them were not in the mood for sharing that night! They look deceptively peaceful and cooperative in this shot with Holden's new blocks. lol :)Holden loves trucks and his Grandma and Grandpa (our Great Aunt Jolene and Uncle David) gave him a huge semi which holds many cars. It was so cool and Holden loved it!Looke at that smile! :)Holden also received a super cool Garbage truck from his Mom and Dad. Pretty nifty working truck!Holden also enjoyed his new Thomas trainset from his Grandma and Grandpa. Isn't this so sweet??? They gave him really neat connecters to help hold the track together. We seriously need to get some of those for our Thomas track.Time for cake and Holden is always ready for the cake! :) Happy Birthday sweet boy! Thank you for inviting us to your party and including us in your fun afternoon and evening! We love you and your precious big smile and heart! You are such a honey bear and so special to us! We can't wait to celebrate your 3rd birthday with you next year (but don't grow up too fast for your Mom and Grandma's sakes!)! :)

Natalie's Pirate & Princess Birthday Party

The second weekend in October we attended a birthday party of one of Reagan's friends from gymnastics. It was a super cute Pirate and Princess party and it was so much fun! Reagan and Kennedy began their adventure by getting their hair sprayed with glitter, collecting rings and making beautiful necklaces. The pirates could make hooks (you could actually make both but the pirates and princesses generally stuck to their theme). Grammy spent nearly a week of her Fall break with us. It was so nice to have her here and extra hands are always extremely appreciated with my crew! Thank you for giving up your Fall break for us Grammy! :) She came to the birthday party with us and Grammy and Jackson hung out together for most of the birthday party and had a great time. Thank you so much for chasing Mr. Jackson around!!! :)Grammy and Missy KThe birthday girl with a couple of her princess and pirate partygoersReagan singing her heart out for a sweet Princess Natalie!Time to enjoy those huge and yummy cupcakes!Jackson tried to eat this entire cupcake in one big biteThere were a ton of fun activities for the kids including a big treasure hunt with a big treasure chest to find at the end.Thank you for the super fun afternoon Natalie!

Appropriate Outdoor Fall Attire???

The first weekend in October Reagan decided she wanted to go outside and play. I can't remember at the moment why, but at the time the girls were running around the house in their underwear. When they announced they were going outside I suggested they might need some additional clothing. I thought that would only be appropriate besides the fact that it's been getting cooler. When I came upstairs Reagan had dressed herself with this pair of Crocs and sunglasses and was ready to head outside. When I questioned her Tim said she had told him it would be okay "just don't tell Mom." Here is my slightly more dressed daughter. She insisted I take this picture of her. She actually had me take a whole series of pictures which included her in just the Crocs and sunglasses. I thought this one was a little more appropriate to post, however... Anyway, although we still couldn't convince her to wear warmer clothing or a jacket she is at least wearing clothes. I think after playing outside for a little while she did decide it might be wise to add a jacket. What a nut!!! :)

My Little Thinker

Jackson has started randomly sitting like this in his highchair. I'm not sure why or what prompts it. He's normally more serious and looks like he's deep in thought while in this pose with his fist under his chin. The girls and I call him "The Little Thinker" when he's sitting like this. When he saw my camera this time he smiled at me, which was super cute but like I said he's typically deeper in thought than this pic shows.. What a cutie pie!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Chalk Fun

The girls love to draw with chalk. We need to get it out a lot more often than we do given how much they love it. The last Sunday in September Jackson got in on some of the action as well. What a mess, but a cute mess, he was!Inside or out the girls love playing the "Troll" game and Jackson has been added to the game in the last few months in the roll of "Little Troll." Basically the girls have to answer a question and if they answer it correctly the Little Troll lets them pass. If they answer incorrectly, they Little Troll chases them with Daddy's help. Everyone loves this and there is much laughter involved! lol :)A very happy, chalk covered, Little TrollBack to being a little troll :)Our colorful driveway - love it! :)

Carson's Birthday Party

The last Saturday in September we went to the birthday party of one of our Bluegrass Homeschool Learning Co-op (BHLC) friend's birthday party. He had a dinosaur themed party which was pretty cool. Here's Reagan and the birthday boy, Carson.Reagan was very excited about her face paint and tattoosMissy K was at her group violin lesson with Daddy so Jackson came with us. He posed for this picture because there was another little boy about his age who was truly posing for me and wanting to take his picture. I guess Jackson figured he'd better prove he can be photogenic too. My children are so competitive!!!There were an incredible amount of activities and projects for the kids to do. Below Reagan and Liam are busy adding viniger to their volcanos.Archeologists Reagan and LiamLiam was very excited about giving Carson his card and present. Liam was so excited about the present he was giving that he asked if they could open it so he could play with it right away. Always give a gift you love right? Too cute! lol :)Carson thought the Dinosaur book we gave him was pretty coolCarson's cake was unbelievable! That whole dinosaur is edible! As we sang happy birthday to Carson he started picking the icing off the edge of the cake and tail of the dinosaur. It was hilarious and so cute! lol :)Thank you for inviting us to your super fun and awesome dinosaur party!