Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Missy K's 3rd Birthday Party

We decided to have Kennedy's 3rd birthday party earlier in November this year in order to accomodate family and friends visiting (her actual birthday was the day before Thanksgiving). We also had a horse theme, complete with a pony, and we thought we might have a better chance of good weather at the beginning vs the end of November. The weather was beautiful and we had an awesome weekend. Thank you for everyone who came and shared it with us! Here's the birthday girl with her green (her very favorite color) horse cake and one of her presents. The two birthday girls. :) Kennedy missed being Kelly's birthday buddy by just a few daysMost of the adults at the party enjoying the corral while the kids played on the trampoline, leaf pile and swingset. From left to right: Grand-Dad & Kennedy, Dorothy, Dan, Grammy & Jackson, Chuck, Julie, Kelly Charlie, Tim, Barry and Lauren.Missy K with the decorations in front of the house, the sign says "Welcome to Kennedy's Happy Hoedown"Our entryway decorationsMissy K's O-K CorralAunt Arla gave us 3 horses so we could create a Pony Corral for Missy K's party Reagan started waving her hat in the air shouting "Yee-haw!" - Ride 'm cowgirl!Anna with Ferdinand the Bull (Aunt Arla gave this to us as well for the party - love it!)A rousing horse/bull race :)This was Jackson's favorite horse because not only does it make sound it's mouth moves up and downBesides Kennedy's "Feeding Trough" we also had a "Waterin' Hole"Instead of a large cake we had a smaller one for Missy K along with cupcakes, candy apples, caramel apples, smores and ice cream. Plenty of dessert to go around! :)Grammy with her baby boyGrammy and Grand-Dad enjoying the hoedown!Farmer Jackson - what a face! lol :)Grammy with her birthday cowgirlAunt Julie and Uncle Chuck being silly with Missy K on the floor lol :)Aunt Julie and Missy ReaganCowgirl ReaganMommy and Reagan ready to party! :)Jackson was Uncle Chuck's little buddy all weekend long!Missy K climbing a tree with LaurenWe made a leaf pile (or mountain) for the kids to jump in through out the afternoonThe kids also loved jumping on the trampoline, backrow from left to right: Michael, Chaz and Megan; front row left to right: Reagan, Macy, Heidi and AnnaThey spent a lot more time looking like this than the picture above - things were a bit wild...Love that hair Holden!Nothing like tackling your big sister! :)Best buddies playing with tractors and trucksRoasting hotdogs and brats for supperReagan, doing her best to eat a candy apple - because we'd never made them before Kelly and I thought they would be better with additional candy coatings especially since we had extra. They may have tasted good, but they were so impossibly hard you couldn't bite into them to find out!A super cute LaBar cowboy and girl! Yee-haw! :)Time for some birthday cake!Thank you to everyone for all the presents for Missy K. Here she is with her new American Girl Doll, Kaya, from Grammy and Grand-Dad, her American Girl Doll horse from us, and her beautiful new princess dress from the Hamlin's. Thank you again everyone! The clean-up crew :) Grand-Dad was trying to clean-up and Jackson was seriously determined to help!The girls rolling UP the stairs for bedThank you to everyone who made Missy K's birthday party so special! We had an awesome day and weekend! :)