Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Valentine's with Grammy and Grand-Dad

Grammy and Grand-Dad spent the weekend before Valentine's with us. Grammy of course brought the kids fun Valentine's bags. She also made sure everyone had their own real Fun Dips. Thank you Grammy and Grand-Dad!
Jackson thought the real thing was a considerable improvement. :)Jackson walked around his bag and throughly checked out all the angles before taking anything out of his bag. It was so cute and funny! :)
Grand-Dad helped Jackson set up this really neat Melissa and Doug car transporter truck.
A very happy Missy Reagan with her Valentine's bag! :)
Grammy purchased these enormous kisses for each of the kids...
Jackson thought Grammy had a good idea even if Mommy and Daddy weren't so sure...
If mess=enjoyment then Missy K surely thought it was the yummiest!
Missy K insisted on looking at herself in the mirror before she let us clean her up since we told her she was such a mess. Looks like Grammy didn't mind cleaning up the mess. :)
Thank you for all the fun Valentine's gifts and especially coming to visit us!

Orange Kool-Aid

As if a hurricane simulator wasn't enough torture for a baby in one day we decided to see how Jackson enjoyed some super sour treats... Actually, we weren't that mean. The girls received some Fun Dips either for Valetine's from someone or in their favors from Heidi's birthday. In either case Jackson wanted one and we didn't have an extra for some reason. Grammy had the idea of letting him have a Kool-Aid package (I had on hand for making playdough) and using Reagan's Fun Dip stick. We seriously thought this was a good idea and had no idea how sour and gross it would be so we weren't actually trying to be mean when we gave it to Jackson. Luckily I had a camera close by to capture these hilarious pictures of Jackson's reaction.
What are you people doing to me?
Poor baby!!! But so funny!!! lol :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Heid's 5th Birthday Party

Heidi had a Cosmic (glow in the dark) birthday party at Bounce U in February. It was so much fun and all the kids loved it! We also met on Heidi's actual birthday at Chick-Fil-A for what has become our LaBar/Lueker birthday dinner tradition. Here's the beautiful 5 year old birthday princess! :)Sweet cousins headed down the hallway and ready to party together! :)
Crew hanging out with Grandpa during the cosmic fun :)
The birthday girl with her Grandma - so sweet! :)Grandmas with their precious baby boys :)
Jackson and his Grammy
Grammy was such a sport to take Jackson down the big slide!
So much fun!!! :)
The girls loved the big slides too! :)
Grammy climed into one of the obstacle courses to help the little guys thru and up the slide so they could more easily play on this bounce aparatus. Thank you so much Grammy!
Our monkey girl, Reagan, loved climbing this aparatus to get to one of the larger slides
Jackson doing his best to climp and keep up with Reagan. Unfortunately due to weight restrictions adults weren't allowed to assist so Jackson was on his own. Sorry buddy!
While Reagan has many talents, it appears baseball may not be one of them. While she wasn't very successful she had fun swinging at the floating glow-in-the-dark ball.
Hurricane Heidi is a nickname Aunt Dorothy has been using for quite awhile so it was appropriate that there was a hurricane simulator at the party. All the kids loved getting blown away repeatedly!
We "let" Jackson have a turn in the hurricane simulator as well. It might be more appropriate to say we decided to torture our poor baby for our own entertainment purposes...Someone PLEASE have mercy on a baby and SAVE ME!!!!!
Time for lunch! Cheese (one hand on your head) or Pepperoni (two hands on your head) pizza?
Cake Time! :)
My favorite picture of the day! We hope all your wishes come true Miss Heidi! :)
Let them eat cake!
Jackson was very pleased with himself for cleaning his face all on his own
Present Time!Aunt Jolene and Claire watching Heidi togetherAunt Ashley and a super sweet Claire
The birthday girl and a very messy Missy K
Two cute 5 (or nearly 5) year old girls and best friends! :) How did they get to be so big so fast?
Happy Birthday Heidi! :)