Friday, April 27, 2012

Ally's Monkey Joe Birthday Party

We were invited to a super fun Monkey Joe's/Lion King birthday party for Ally the end of March. They had it on a Sunday evening so they were able to rent the entire space for just the birthday crew. This was really nice because Monkey Joe's always makes me a bit nervous because with all the large inflatables it's easy to lose the kids. It was wonderful to know everyone there was with us so you didn't have to worry quite so much about them disappearing. As always, the kids had a fantastic time bouncing, sliding and playing!
Here's a picture of the beautiful birthday girl! :)
Ally's incredible Nala cakeThe girls with Monkey Jane (I'm not sure we had ever met Jane before)
Kennedy and Cooper had a wondeful time playing together
Could these two be any cuter??? Adorable! :)
It always cracks me up that with all the enormous inflatables the kids without fail have to ride this little carousel.
There were more kids than animals one time so the girls decided to share
Jackson on one of the little kid inflatables. He thoroughly enjoyed climbing all over this huge crocodile! :)
I love this picture of Carson riding the turtle
The girls wouldn't think a Monkey Joe's experience without Cotton Candy was complete. I thought these pictures of them watching it being made were so sweet. :)
The girls happily shared their cotton candy with a curious Jackson
Jackson wasn't impressed... He threw it on the floor which is what he is scowling at here. lol :)
After a couple of tries he decided it might not be the best stuff in the world, but it might have some minimal redeeming qualities.
A couple more cute bouncy pictures of Missy K
Happy Birthday Miss Ally! Thank you so much for inviting us to your party! We had a great time and hope you have a fantastic year being 5!

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