Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Busy Saturday Morning

One of the reasons Grammy and Grand-Dad came to visit with Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jen was so Grammy could accompany Reagan in her first violin festival/competition. Reagan did a wonderful job (so did Grammy) and earned a "Superior" rating for her performance. She played "Song of the Wind," a Folksong, for her required piece and "Allegro," by Suzuki, for her chosen piece. Because it was relatively early, we picked up donuts on our way home from Krispy Kreme to share with everyone.
Kennedy was pretty excited about her chocolate filled Easter egg decorated donutAfter the donuts were eaten we headed outside for the second reason Uncle Andrew, Aunt Jen, Grammy and Grand-Dad were paying us a visit. During a bad storm a couple of weeks earlier one of our trees partially/mostly fell down. Uncle Andrew led our fearless crew in safely bringing it the rest of the way down. Then, while they were at it, they went ahead and took out a second dead tree that needed to come down. Thank you so much for all the hard work!!!
Uncle Andrew was going to make this stump smooth when Reagan exclaimed she didn't want it cut because as it was she could pretend to be either (and I quote) "Columbus or Odysseus." Since that time she has also added Jake of the Neverland Pirates. lol :) Here she is, our brave captain of the seas, sailing at the helm of her vessel!
While the tree had broken off it's base it was hung up on another tree and leaning between our home and our neighbor's house. The trick was bringing it down without taking out any air conditioners. :)
Thankfully for us, Uncle Andrew travels well prepared with all the tools you need to take down a tree (or two) at a moment's notice.
The guys had to try a couple of different things to get the tree positioned correctly and to disentagle the branches from the tree that was holding it up. They literally pulled it back 10 feet or so and a bit to the side to bring it down perfectly in between the two houses.
Our amazing woodsmen!
Reagan directing Uncle Andrew on exactly how tall the "Lorax" stump should be
Uncle Andrew suggested Reagan try and push the top of the stump off once he had cut it.
With a bit of teamwork it slid right off
I think both Reagan and Kennedy expected the Lorax to pop out at any moment since we were cutting down not just one, but TWO, trees! It appears that either the Lorax does not care about Locust trees (they are nasty trees with those horrible thorns) or he's okay with the removal of dead trees. Either way, we didn't receive a visit from the Lorax that morning. The girls have been enjoying their Lorax stump, however, and frequently jump up on it shouting "I'm the Lorax and I speak for the trees!!!"
Believe it or not, all of this activity occurred before lunch. We had a quick cookout with hotdogs, brats and smores before heading them on their way to pick up the AT in Virginia. Thank you all so much for coming and working so hard! We were regular a Renaissance family that Saturday morning utilizing our music and outdoor talents!

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