Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Burgess Falls

After we were done playing in the Holler we picked up our favorite local pizza (Gondola's) and headed to one of our favorite state parks, Burgess Falls. This is a place I remember spending a lot of time at when Andrew and I were children too. We have been here with the girls several times and we always have a fabulous time! We found a picnic table to eat pizza at but as we were finishing up it began to rain. Kennedy was apparently afraid she would melt and covered herself entirely in a towel to walk back to the van but Jackson thought the rain was great and eating while walking was a pretty silly idea! :)
After walking a bit Jackson decided to hitch a ride with Grand-Dad back to the vanHere's our crew waiting for the rain to pass
I thought Kennedy was funny draped across the back seat and Reagan thought she needed to be in the picture as soon as I told Kennedy I wanted a picture of her.
Two very proud and happy dog walkers
Jackson discovered he cold climb up the ladders and/or stairs and then slide down the slides by himself. You can see from his smiles just exactly how impressed he was with this newly discovered talent!
Ready, Set, Go!!!
So much fun!!! :)
While the girls explored again with Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jen, Jackson hung out with Grand-Dad. He was a little uncertain of the rushing water but he eventually made it down to the waters edge to check things out.
Kennedy, on the other hand, has no fear. The wilder the better!
Aunt Jen and Reagan were able to climb/wade out a pretty good distance
Reagan, Aunt Jen, Kennedy and Uncle Andrew posing for me
Jackson was pretty excited to hit the trail and run back and forth between Grammy and Mommy all by himself.
Uncle Andrew and Kennedy found a good rock to climb as well as place to rest while Reagan finished up splashing around in the water.
It was such a beautiful day the park was over flowing with people. This made poor Boss extremely nervous so Grammy and Aunt Jen decided to take him back to the van. Even though we had a wonderful time playing in the water Reagan really wanted to see some of the waterfalls. Grand-Dad, Uncle Andrew and I took the kids to the first waterfall but Reagan still wanted to see one more so they took her on while I began walking back to the van with Kennedy and Jackson. On our way Jackson and Kennedy found many dandelions to blow and make wishes on. They were so sweet together! :)
Grammy and Kennedy back at the van and ready to go

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